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Dec 12, 2001 01:00 AM

office holiday party

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"Where should we have our office holiday party?"

I asked this question a while back and figured for posterity I'd list the places I looked into, even tho it's nothing to write Chowhound about (oh, wait...). Still, perhaps it will help Chowhounds of the future with THEIR decision.

First off, here were the parameters I had to stick within: nothing exotic, grub for vegetarians, cost under $40/person, a good deal on booze, something that "felt cool" and proximity to after dinner action for our rowdy office. "Nothing exotic" is clearly the kicker - no raw fish, no B rating, no dives, no game meats, no fun. So please bear with me and the difficulty I had working on this one. The fearful palates negged "Palms Thai, karaoke and Jumbo's"...their loss (I laugh just thinking about how potentially good or bad THAT one could have turned out, but it was my first choice nonetheless).

So here's the short list:

Alto Palato
Sonora Cafe
Off Vine
Pig & Whistle

Something of a snoozer list...but all restaurants were very accommodating and helpful. Farfalla would give us the upstairs bar area, a nice semi-hip space, and a ridiculously good deal on drinks. Off Vine would work closely with us on the menu, a very tempting option; I spoke with the owners there and they are incredibly nice. Alto Palato's menu was to die for. But it was the happenin' vibe, private room with beds and compliant chow and beverages of P&W that won out. We'll have a "salad - chicken, salmon or pasta - sorbet trio" kind of night, with a good deal on 2 hours worth of open bar. The people there have been very helpful and, most importantly, the office is really psyched with this decision (and I did convince a couple adventurous folks to try Palms Thai as a Holiday Party Supplement, so score one for the 'hounds nonetheless).

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    michael (mea culpa)

    I'm curious to learn how the party goes. I had a singularly unimpressive meal the one evening I ate there. Seemed like a good bar scene but the food while it had the right ingredients did not have the snap and the service while friendly was amateurish. Best of luck. Maybe it was just a shakedown period.

    1. Try the Victorian on Main Street in Santa Monica. Had a GREAT time last year at my company party.