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Feb 13, 2008 06:35 AM

7 Deadly Sins Party

I know, I know Halloween is AGES away. However, it falls on a Friday this year AND as you all know, we spend thousands for the big ones.

We've decided to invite seven couples and pay for an evening of 7 deadly sins and go to a bar/restaurant that matches each sin. Our innital thoughts are that we will renew our vows at Lust and have a 7 course meal over the course of the tour to represent gluttony. We are also paying for everyone's hotel room at the end of the tour to represent Sloth. We'd like to have everything in the downtown area, so we can either walk or take short cab rides
Here are the sins


I've got time, so I really want to do this right. Help me with your creative, inspiring suggestions. I want to make this a party to remember.

Rudeboy, you knew it was coming...especially after that last Halloween craziness where we ended up with 1000+ people - never again...

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  1. I think that the place with the swimming sharks would take care of half the deadly sins!

    Pride - storm a private club, like Headliners
    Envy - one of the wanna-be Tapas bars
    Greed - what's the most overpriced bar?
    Wrath - Beerland
    Sloth - Lovejoy's

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    1. Qua is the shark place.
      What a cool idea. Can't wait to hear how it goes.
      McCormick & Schmick's bar for Greed- since it's in the frost building and lots of bankers go there for HH.

      1. Although I like Rudeboy's idea of storming Headliner's for pride, it might get you arrested. How about going to Six for pride. The story is that Lance Armstrong is a part owner of six and it was named for his sixth Tour de France win.

        For greed, I'm not sure of the name, but I think there's a new place where you have to buy a bottle (at $325) to get a table.

        For wrath, what about a goth bar?

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        1. re: ItGoesToMyHips

          Casino El Camino comes to mind for "wrath"

          1. re: LakeLBJ

            Depends on what movie they're showing. Horror: wrath. Soft-core porn: lust.

        2. You can swing by tears of joy and carry a bottle of 'wraith' in your pocket all night long - use when needed!

          1. The new bar mentioned for bottle service is Pangaea on Colorado - covers greed or pride as they are totally full of themselves!
            Kenichi could work for Envy as it is full of a bunch of "beautiful people" just wanting to be seen.
            Great idea and will put some more thought into and get back to you!

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            1. re: peach0930

              For pride, I'd hit one of the local gay bars like Chain Drive. I think that's the leather one. Envy... I'd reserve a table and heavily tip the maitre'd in advance at a popular restaurant so you would breeze in and be seated immediately.

              Wrath... I'd figure out what place serves the absolute hottest thing you've ever tasted, order it for the whole table, and tell the waiter to hold the drinks until about 2 minutes after you tasted it.

              Greed... I'd go to a place and order the entire menu or a side of a menu. Yeah, that picks up gluttony too, but I think it would be cool to hand the menu back to the waiter and just say "Yes. I'll take it all please." However, I'd probably suggest a place like Uchi or a tapas place to try it.

              1. re: shan

                Shan - I love your wrath idea. Just not sure where I would steer Amy to go. She could call Thai passion, I guess, and try to convince them to make a special hot dish.

                1. re: shan

                  oh that's GOOD. I get the feeling this one's gonna cost us an arm and a leg, but what fun! keep 'em coming, guys.