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Feb 13, 2008 06:33 AM

What's the deal with Duchess in Connecticut?

I've liked that chain ever since I moved here. They seemed to be expanding a few years back, opening one in Branford (which was nice because I go through that town a lot), then closing it after about a year.

Then, just the other day, I saw that the one in Hamden (which had been around since before 1980) is gone.

Anybody know if the company is in financial trouble or something? I'd hate to see them go away completely.


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  1. I believe Duchess is a family-owned business that did try to franchise out their restaurants. It never really went anywhere, which is too bad because I really like them for fast food. Always wished they would come up to the Hartford area. I am surpirsed that the Hamden restaurant closed. It has been there forever. Jay

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      The Duchess in Hamden was closed due higher rent. They tried to negotiate a new lease and the landowner raised the rent too much and they walked. It sat vacant for over a year. There's a Brueggers Bagels there now. Right now Duchess is running a 99 cent hot dog special in the Wallingford restaurant. I don't know if it is everwhere or for how long. But with V-day tommorrow.......

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        The 99 cents hot dog special is good at all the Dutchess restaurants. I live in Fairfield and had three for lunch today. They use Hummel natural casing dogs, so its got a nice snap. The toasted bun also adds a nice touch.

    2. There are still two in Danbury, but they always look deserted. The one on Rt. 25 in Monroe is always busy. The Ridgefield branch came and went too.

      At least they still have a web site:

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        Although I live in California now, I am from Connecticut and I looooooove Dutchess. Trust me when I say there's nothing out here like it. I grew up in Fairfield county and I believe there's one still there, on blackrock turnpike. My sister now lives in MIlford which is in New Haven county and I believe there's still one off of exit 38 off the i-95. I'm coming back to CT for a visit in a month and Dutchess is on my list of eateries, along with a diner, friendlies and some down home gooood italian food.

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          I just looked them up and here is the URL for all the locations in CT

      2. I love their eggplant parmagian sandwiches.