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Feb 13, 2008 05:53 AM

G&M Piece on How Loud Restaurants Are!

Very good piece... and so true.

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  1. That is a good article. A noisy restaurant sends me running from it. I have actually gone into a restaurant, sat down and within minutes told my DH that we had to leave. Another pet peeve are casual restaurants that have TV's all over the place, each one tuned to a different sport, and all turned up so loud you can't even think.

    1. This was an interesting article. Thanks for posting.

      For me it has to do with what kind of restaurant I'm going to. I suppose, in this day and age, that I've come to accept that when I go out for lunch to a casual place that it will be loud. For some reason that doesn't bother me as much as people talking on their cell phones (especially if it is your dining companion) or the whole TV business. I've had lunch with people who spoke only a few words to me the entire time (granted it was a co-worker and we rode back to the office together and would see each other throughout the day). He watched the tv and/or chatted on his cell phone. I didn't realize I was such bad/boring company. I've also been in restaurants where people use their cell phones like walkie-talkies so everyone can hear BOTH sides of the conversation. I think that kind of behavior is rude though I get laughed at by friends and co-workers for feeling like that. I'm sure my dining companion didn't mean to be rude to me but it kind of ticked me off.

      All that said, I expect tvs and people to be blaring at a sports bar/restaurant - or even at a bar in general. For my job, I have to hang out at a lot of really loud places and shout over music so maybe I've become de-sensitized to that part of things.

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        A friend who waits tables watched a couple one night where the man talked on his cell phone during the entire meal, completely ignoring his female companion. As she dropped their check off, my friend told the woman, "I'm sorry you're eating alone tonight." The woman cracked up.

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          Probably the strangest cell phone episode I've witnessed was at Le Bernardin in NYC. Near us was a 50-something year old transvestite with a girl in her early twenties. They definitely stood out as you don't see that type of couple at Le Bernardin every day. The transvestite was talking on her cell phone for the ENTIRE meal while the young girl just sat there. At some point, the transvestite stepped away from the table. Then the girl started making a phone call on her cell phone and was talking until the transvestite came back to the table. They got the check and left. I don't think they uttered one word to each other. The cell phone talking didn't bother me as they weren't very loud. But DH and I were a bit confused about the whole experience.

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            Obligatory night out with daddy, nothing to talk about?

        2. i've had a couple of experiences where a group of patrons were so extremely loud it was ruining things for others, and i've also been to a couple of places were the music was blaring WAY too loud, or for some reason, either the manager or someone felt it was ok to turn the volume on the hockey game to eardrum shattering. I don't' care if it's a sports bar type place.

          This becomes a very realistic problem if you happen to be dining with anyone who is in any way hearing impaired. Plus, i don't like shouting across the table at the best of times.

          I love background music and a lively bustling restaurant however.

          however Ms. Kane's maniacal eating.....c'mon.

          I'm guessing if you check out a restaurant's website and they're playing "oontz oontz" might want to pass.