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Feb 13, 2008 05:49 AM

Healthy, Casual Lunch Options Near the Merritt Parkway?

I'll be going back to New York in a few days, and then back again in late February/early March. It looks like in both cases, I will be somewhere between New Haven and the New York border, traveling on Route 15 (the Merritt Parkway).

Does anyone have any suggestions for good restaurants just off the Merritt that have fresh, healthy items on the menu, and are casual? I'd be looking at sandwiches, salads, soups, etc., and do not want to have to go to Panera or any other chain, for that matter. Thanks!

If there is a restaurant just over the New York border (near the Hutchinson River Parkway), that would be ok, too.


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  1. The Merritt Parkway really passes through mostly residental areas so there are not a lot of restaurants right off of it. Right off Exit 41 Northbound (on the south side of the parkway) in Westport is the Red Barn. I haven't been there in a few years but it use to be very good. To the north of the Merritt on the same exit is the Three Bear. Also use to be very good.

    About a mile south of Exit 44 on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield is the Rye Ridge Deli which is excellent. Also in that area is the Angus (not sure what is going on there now) and the Bear & Grill (which is excellent) Cinzano's is there to if you like Italian. hope this helps. Jay

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      This is great info. Thanks very much! I really like the looks of the Three Bears...

    2. Right at the bottom of exit 34 southbound (or turn left at stop light at exit ramp if headed northbound) is Lakeside diner - a little red building. Mostly ordinary diner food, but the specials can be terrific, and the breakfast food is wonderful. Cash only I believe.

      1. If you want more suggestions, you might want to try asking this question on the Tristate Region board, as that would cover New York and Fairfield County.

        1. Katz's is off of exit 59, has good sandwiches, the matzoh ball soup is very good.

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            mmalmad, thanks very much for the Katz's suggestion. We went there on Saturday for lunch, and I thought it blew away Rein's up in Vernon, which I occasionally go to on my trips to New York. The soup was indeed good, as was the corned beef sandwich and the homemade potato pancakes.

            Is Katz's a popular spot among travelers, or is it mostly a hangout for locals? I had never heard of it until you mentioned the place.

            1. re: hiddenboston

              Not sure about the travelers. I would have mentioned the corned beef but you did say healthy, which they do have as an option, with the salads and all But the corned beef, pastrami and brisket are first rate, and usually what I get when I go

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                Yes, I was hoping to eat healthy, but I guess my willpower wasn't all that great! At least the soup was pretty healthy at Katz's...

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                  Well, glad you liked it. It is hard to mantain a low sodium diet there though

          2. The Lime

            168 Main St
            Norwalk, CT 06851
            (203) 846-9240

            Not that far off the Merritt -- Excellent excellent excellent.