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Breakfast in Tampa?

So we are moving to Tampa at the end of the month and are going down this weekend for a recon trip. I've seen numerous suggestions for lunch/dinner (could always use more though!) but was wondering about places for breakfast.
Breakfast is my favorite meal, the husband really couldn't care less about it.
Any ideas?

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  1. If you have the time go to Lennys in Clearwater. Its been voted Best Breakfast for years and it great.

    1. do you know what neighborhood or part of town?

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        Its not near the beach. Sorry, I wish I could tell you more but I am not familiar with that area enough. Its seems to be off a major road though.


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          I meant where she was staying or moving to ; )
          But thanks! I have always wanted to go try Lenny's

      2. My favorite breakfast place is Pach's Place on Bay to bay right next to bayshore.

        They serve breakfast and lunch, I love to eat there!

        1. The job is at MacDill so we are looking in that area.
          Thanks for the recommendations so far!

          1. We like Pinky's on Bay to Bay near MacDill Ave, not least because it serves b'fast until 2pm, sandwiches and salads, too; the Village Inn on Dale Mabry just north of Kennedy is a 24-hour standby; Circles on Armenia near Swann serves a very nice weekend brunch; Pane Rustica, on MacDill Ave just south of Bay to Bay has terrific baked goods, coffee and frittatas for b'fast; I've heard First Watch downtown is good, but haven't been. Welcome to the area, hope you like it!

            1. Since your near MacDill, my fav place is Mama's Kitchen, just south of Gandy on Dale Mabry Hwy...yummy Biscuits and Gravy, Huge Omlets. Otehr Tampa favs are Pach's Place on Bay to Bay near Bayshore Blvd.

              1. First Watch is known for their breakfasts. There are two in Tampa. One downtown and the other in the Carrollwood area, N. Dale Mabry.

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                  Actually, there are three in Tampa: Carrollwood at Fletcher and Dale Mabry in The Village Shopping Center near the Publix, On Fowler Ave near 30th St.(Bruce B. Downs Blvd) near USF and Busch Gardens in the shopping center with the Sweet Bay Supermarket across from the Clarion Hotel and Downtown on Tampa St. at Twiggs St. This is one of my favorite places for breakfast.

                2. As baberswallet already said, Pach's Place is THE hot spot in South Tampa for a great breakfast - and it's really close to MacDill.

                  I eat there almost every weekend after my jog down Bayshore Blvd.

                  1. If you're in the MacDill area, why limit yourself to Tampa. There are great choices in Pinellas also. And you have super easy access to Pinellas via the Gandy Bridge.
                    There's Munches on 6th St S. Southern breakfasts and very good, interesting specials (braised short ribs and eggs?). And they we're great! Also, The Dome in the 600? block of Cental, downtown St Pete. Great breakfasts and withing easy walking of the Saturday Morning Market. The Frog Pond on St Pete Beach and Redington Beach offer HUGE portions of yummy food.

                    Just a few choices from Pinellas.