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Feb 13, 2008 05:47 AM

Favorite restaurants near Hartford (or surrounding areas)

It's my parent's anniversary tomorrow and my sister and I want to take them out to dinner this weekend to celebrate. We were hoping to find a great restaurant in the Hartford/Southington/Litchfield, CT (or surrounding area--we are from the Terryville/Bristol area--so anywhere within a half hour drive) area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I currently live in the Boston area and am not up to date on CT restaurants.

Thanks for your time!!

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  1. In Avon there's Dakota's Steak place. with salad bar. There are some nice places in Hartford, in the Italian section, Carbone's comes to mind. its on Franklin Ave. A little on the high side,but worth while. I'm sure some others have some other ideas. Good luck, Earle Ct,

    1. West Street Grill in Litchfield is a great restaurant. You might also take a look at Apricots or Cugino's both in Farmington

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        Ditto West Street Grill and Cugino's. I've never been to Apricots, so I can't comment. One of my favs also in Farmington is Piccolo Arancio. Also, in Litchfield, I would recommend La Cupola for upscale Italian. In Canton, right across from each other are Terra and Simmer, located at "The Shoppes at Farmington Valley". In Torrington, there is The Venetian, old school, upscale Italian, and a brand new steakhouse called Prime, I have yet to go, but it got a very good review in the Waterbury Republican a couple of weeks ago.

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          I have to agree with Piccolo Arancio, great food and service. Char Koon in South Glastonbury is also a favorite of ours. It's a little bit of a ride, but it's worth it.

      2. Bricco in West Hartford!

        1. Disagree on Dakota's...big salad bar but very ordinary food and ambience.
          I recommend Grant's in West Hartford, Metro Bis in Simsbury and Picolo Arancio (great lobster ravioli and osso bucco) in Farmington. If you're looking for a great view, I suggest Grist Mill on the Farmington River in Farmington. I also second brookerme's suggestions of Apricots and West Street Grill. Have fun and let us know where you end up.

          1. Have had great meals at Barcelona in West Hartford and West Street in Litchfield.
            Haven't been to Avon Old Farms Inn in quite a while, but it used to be pretty good.