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Feb 13, 2008 05:46 AM

Uburger expanding up Comm Ave

Per the BU paper, a 2nd Uburger, open as soon as April, which likely means the Grille Zone space, as rumored. That's five separate clauses in one sentence.

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    1. A second UBurger? This makes me very happy indeed! Now if only they would open one closer to where I live (like, I don't know, maybe right next door?).

      1. Not a rumor, they are moving into the Grille Zone space, deal was sealed before Grille Zone left.

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        1. re: bakerboyz

          Hopefully the Grille Zone also made a deal with them to have them agree to make their burgers medium. I love their fries, but just can't eat a burger as well done as they make them. I miss GZ's burgers.

        2. Hope they can break the curse. Too many good restaurants have failed in that space.

          1. Good for U Burger. And good for the people/BU kids who live up near Packard's Corner.

            Hmm, this creates a challenge. Can I cram a U Cheeseburger and a sampling of Super 88 foodcourt fare (Bahn Mi! Bubble Tea! Duboki Udon!) into one visit? This question will require much research ...

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            1. re: Bob MacAdoo

              Cool. I now have an even shorter walk to get those yummy milk shakes!