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Dec 11, 2001 07:49 PM

Claremont Dining and Thanks, Chowhounds

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My wife and I took our son to Claremont for a college visit and tour. I searched the LA site and found several recs- 2 of the 3 places we visited I almost certainly would not have found without this advice.

We had dinner at Viva Spain- a tapas place which can be very tough to find. It was our first time trying Spanish "dim sum" so I have nothing to compare to but we had a lot of good food, some OK wine and a great time. The place seems like almost being in another country, albeit one with alot of US tourists.

We had excellent coffee and large, rolls from Some Crust Bakery the next morning and lunch at Tutti Mangia, which is Italian. I had a very good chopped salad and my wife had a pasta dish with a little too much garlic for my taste. The space is nice and the service was first rate. Their wine list looked rather interesting.

The only downside of the visit was the Claremont Inn which has clearly seen better days.

I am quite new to Chowhound and really appreciate being guided to the better spots in a strange town. As a result of this experience I have kicked in my money and will be getting the Bay Area summary as well as some goodwill. PLEASE support Chowhound at the Chowhound Market.

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  1. Welcome to Chowhound! I'm glad you enjoyed the food in Claremont. There are some good places in the area, just takes a while to find. I loved Viva Madrid (spent my 21st birthday dinner there). And I miss Some Crust! Back in college, clubs/groups would lure us with Some Crust bakery items to their meetings...remembering their brownies and huge cookies is making me hungry.

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      Well, thanks to Chowhound they are much easier to find.

    2. I would suggest Allegro in downtown La Verne. Great Italian Restaurant with supposedly great Creme Brulee...