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Feb 13, 2008 04:02 AM

Need your BYOB favorites

Coming in from Philly-which has a great collection of BYOB places I'd like to see what's availabe here--Please take a minute and share your favorite BYOB places--

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  1. A lot of my friends really love the Cube 63 sushi restaurants. A new-ish place called Sticky Rice (Thai) is very good - I have been there once shortly after it opened and we had great service in addition to a great meal.

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    1. re: janellegunther

      Cube 63 is pretty good sushi that's very affordable. Space is small and noisy, but I'm in there all the time for a good, cheap meal.

      Sticky Rice is very good, and a little larger and more relaxed.

      Depending on how many people you have, I'd also recommend Nook on 9th Ave in Midtown. As you'd guess, it's very tiny, but the food is great.

      746 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

      1. re: mjh5821

        I second Nook - the food is nothing particularly inventive but it's always delicious. However, it's tiny and even with a reservation, you will wait. Outside.

    2. My ultimate favorite BYOB place in manhattan is Kuma Inn. It is asian tapas. It is pretty close to Sticky rice also. For kuma inn, I suggest making a reservation. The food is excellent, try the asian sausage.

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      1. re: jennifer56

        I second Kuma Inn. The food is great and the vibe is cool and unpretentious. I also like Tartine, but have only been for brunch so not sure about dinner.

        Kuma Inn
        113 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

        253 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

        1. re: ps22

          I've never been a huge fan of the food at Tartine but it's certainly serviceable - if you're in that neighborhood and you need to BYOB, I wouldn't hesitate to go.

          253 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

      2. Some of the Indian restaurants in the East Village (around 6th Street and 1st Ave) are BYOB.


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        1. re: wontonfm

          This is true, but none of those places serve even decent Indian food!

        2. If you can score a reservation, Little Owl (and I believe Market Table, their 2nd restaurant) allow you to bring 1 bottle in with no corkage.

          Both in West Village - both very good and pretty reasonably priced. Lamb T-bones at Little Owl worth the 90 minute drive from Philly alone...

          Little Owl
          90 Bedford Street, New York, NY 10014

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          1. re: Vinoguy

            No, apparently they now charge for corkage, $20 I think.

            1. re: Vinoguy

              Unfortunately the little owl has changed it's corkage policy. It's not a $50 corkage fee for the 1st bottle. Market Table is still $20 for the first bottle, and they ask that you only bring one.

              Market Table
              54 Carmine Street, New York, NY 10014

              1. re: Vinoguy

                little owl has changed it's policy. It now has a $50 corkage fee on all bottles.

              2. At the risk of being called out by Tipsy again for suggesting this place (grin), Square Meal is a relatively new restaurant on the UES that is serving wonderful American food and great desserts.