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Dec 11, 2001 07:27 PM

Good Italian or Steak House Near Huntington Harbour?

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Does anyone know of a good Italian Restaurant or Steak House near Huntington Harbour?

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  1. captain jacks on pch is a great place for steak,
    they also serve a variety of fish. i grew up in huntington beach and anytime i want a steak and i am in the area i go to captain jacks. italian , however i have never found a good place. let me know if you find one

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    1. re: ryan conder

      I'd head to Belmont Shore to Papa Luccis for great Italian. Located on 2nd St. near Park Ave. 562-434-4454 Its the BEST!

    2. Larry,

      First of all, I would second Ryan's suggestion to visit Captain Jack's - although I have only gone their for their excellent seafood, have not tried their steaks. Excellent crab legs and lobster, although a bit pricey.

      As far as italian goes, the restaurant that continually gets mentioned on this board is Trimarco (located on Goldenwest between McFAdden and Bolsa - next to Jon's supermarket). I tried the restaurant based on the reviews here. I went for lunch and thought it was good but not great - I was interested enough that I plan on returning for dinner one night.

      One other suggestion is the small italian restaurant located in Old World (behind Huntington Center, across from Goldenwest college). I forget the name of the place (it changed hands a few months back) but it has also beem mentioned favorably on this board.

      I too am looking for a really good italian place here in H.B. Hopefully you will get some suggestions I can "borrow".

      Good luck, I hope this helps, and Merry Christmas!


      1. For Italian try Mangia Mangia on Goldenwest at Edinger, in the Home Expo center. It's a casual, homey place, and the food has been consistenly good over the years.

        For pizza and Italian take out (or delivery) to the Harbour area, I like Lino's, on Edwards at Edinger. The meat sauce is tangy, not sweet, as is the marinara sauce.

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        1. re: LBQT

          I agree with LBQT, Mangia Mangia is a great place for Italian. Just their complimentary garlic bread alone is enough to get you hooked. Definitely try their entrees, bottom of the menu. Their wine selection is small and carefully picked so prices are quite reasonable.

        2. Many thanks to Ryan and Jeff. The prime rib and crab legs at Captain Jack's were outstanding!!!

          Only negative was that they don't let you bring in wine and I thought the cabernet selection in the $40 to $50 range was somewhat limited. But the food... I will be back.


          1. First, be forewarned that Orange County is the franchised restaurant (i.e. commercial quality) capitol of the country (yes, even worse than Dallas). Secondly, you'll be hard pressed to find an Italian in the kitchen at an Italian restaurant in bet is to head north about 10-15 minutes and go to Long Beach where you can go to either Christy's (owned by Sonny Bono's daughter) or to downtown Long Beach and visit Mama Tina's Cucina. Both are excellent, reasonably priced, authentic, and you will get good service and good portions...isn't that what you look for in a restaurant?