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Decent by Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport?

I'll be flying into the Lauderdale/Hollywood airport in a couple weeks and was wondering what is a decent lunch place in the area. I'm not a chain person and my parents, who I'll be staying with, both have sensitive stomachs, so most ethnic is out, unfortunately. Any tips would be much appreciated.

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  1. Very close to the airport is Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza which is very good but does have a limited menu - pretty much pizza, wings (which are not fried) and salad. Also nearby is Shuck 'N Dive which is a cajun type place, but they have a very large and varied menu. You don't say which way you'll be heading, but there are lots of choices in all directions.

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      North, to Delray.
      Thanks for the suggestions. You, too, karmalaw. Fortunately, it's not that bad. No deep fried, no curry or similar spices. But I don't have to miss that much.

    2. My favorite place near the airport is Ernie's... but if a bowl of conch chowder and a hunk of bahama bread will strain their tender tummies.. you'd be better off with lunch at Chuck's steakhouse on the 17th Street Causeway -- the extensive Salad Bar should perk up their AARP cards and the cooked food is pretty decent.

      Another alternative is Southport Raw Bar (they have plenty of cooked fish and shrimp -- try the old bay shrimp -- very flavorful and tasty -- while they have the grilled filet of grouper). Southport is exactly where I took an out of town visitor a couple of weeks ago who needed to be near the airport. He was very happy with the food and the waterfront dining.

      1. Nearby the airport at 1305 SE 17th St. Causeway is Kelly's Landing. It's a New England style Fish House that's connected to the original Kelly's Landing in Boston. They serve fresh Ipswich clams, Maine lobster, clam chowder, and other items that should appeal to your parents' sensitive stomachs.

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          I second Anthony's for Pizza and great wings, Kelly's for burgers, chowder and lobster rolls, Southport Raw Bar for conch chowder and the raw bar. Tom Jenkins bbq is also an option. You could head a little south to Armadillo Beach, they have a nice lunch menu.

        2. If you are up for easy, basic food, nothing fancy, right by the airport is Jackson's Ice Cream Parlor, with the best homemade ice cream around. Portions are huge and the regular food is lunch-counter good.


          1. Definitely give Bimini Boatyard a try - located right on 17th St. Causeway - decent food - bright - good service - right on the water. Nice atmosphere.

            1. 5 Minutes from the Airport, just off of 595 at the South Pine Island Rd. exit is a place called Kavanagh & Morrissey's Restaurant & Irish Bar, which isn't a chain and has good food. It's on the way to DelRay.

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                Sorry, but heading west for miles past I-95 in what is often rush hour traffic to/from I-95 on 595 is not "on the way to Del Ray". To go to Del Ray from the airport you'd go west on 595 for a very short distance (first exit) just to I-95 and then head north.

              2. http://www.lepetitcafededania.com/men...

                Le Petit Cafe De Dania (french and not expensive), would be perfect for you. Cute little place, with excellent crepes, light and delicious, and their veal marenga and other lunch and dinner entrees are very good. They also have killer Napolean, but they usually only have it on the weekends. Very close to the airport. It's very popular with all the Canadians down there. They are from Bretagne, so they prepare French food and especially crepes with great finesse. Your parents with sensitive stomachs would be happy--quiche, salad, crepes, file of sole, etc...for others, get the escargo, they're great and mop up the garlic with french bread, and their onion soup is excellent, too. Favorite crepes are swiss cheese, spinach, garlic butter--mushroom, cheese--and sausage and apples...dessert crepes are great, too.

                I love Anthony's pizza, but I really don't think it's appropriate for anyone with a sensitive stomach. It's fresh and great, but pizza isn't the best for stomach issues---