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Feb 13, 2008 03:27 AM

Oriental, North Carolina

I have been seriously disappointed with the various restaurants there. Four or five years ago there was some very good food being served, and it was a fun destination to carry friends for a nice day trip and meal. Is it just me, and I hope it is, or have things, food wise, gone down hill in Oriental?

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  1. It's been more than three years ago, but the crew I was part of had a really nice meal at Oriental Steamer Restaurant and Tavern. The owner even provided transportation for us to and from Whittaker Creek, where we'd arrived by boat.

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      It's been years since I've been to Oriental and I was wondering if Steamers was still open. We regularly went there when my parents were in state - one of my Dad's favorite restaurants. We all loved going there. Excellent seafood, and the bar (at that time) was a fun place to hang out too - often had live music.

    2. We were there a couple of years ago, was meeting point halfway for us and other family. Stayed at the marina inn, good accomodations, ate at Toucan (small place, table was a little crowded, food was okay, a bit pricey) M and M (good sandwiches and sides at lunch) and some other place I can't remember the name (slow service, uncomfortable ambiance, it was in a large warehouselike building, food quality was not up to par for the prices) The scenery was lovely and we shopped a bit. Quiet little village for a getaway weekend.