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Feb 13, 2008 03:26 AM

Pacific Cafe (202) 543-1600 1129 Pennsylvania Ave Se, Washington, DC 20003

A friend tossed this place out in conversation the other day. A new place to get Pho in DC.
Pacific Cafe, 1129 Pennsylvania Ave Se,how does it compare to Va or Maryland Pho?

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  1. I never had pho there, but I wasn't that impressed with their other options. Not horrible, but not nearly as good as what I can get in Northern Virginia.

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    1. re: Lori D

      I'd echo Lori, not bad - I like the grilled pork, a good neighborhood joint (just glad to have a Vietnamese place here), but a destination???

    2. I've had the pho which I found to be underwhelming - the broth lacked that thoroughly savory quality you'll find in pho outside of DC. It was edible and they didn't skimp on the typical offerings - bean sprouts, basil, lime - so you won't find yourself pushing away the bowl.

      Bottom line? It'll sate your craving temporarily if you can't get out of the city and happen to be on the Hill.

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      1. re: togflx

        I agree - I eat the pho there about once a week and it does the trick, but it's also close to my office and means I don't have to drive out to the burbs for lunch. However, their Hanoi grilled pork, fried wontons, and ginger beef/chicken are excellent.

        1. re: scotcheroo

          We ate there tonight and all of these were indeed excellent. Thanks for the recommendations.