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Chicken Fried Steak.

I'm sorry if the concept offends anyone's yankee sensibilities. But tough luck. I'm craving the good stuff. Any ideas? I'll drive as far as Joisey.

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  1. rootytooty, I wondered the same thing awhile back. I 'think' I found out that I was restricted to truck stops -- do you know of any in the tristate area?

    There is one Southern restaurant in Westchester -- one! -- that I know of, and my beloved chicken fried steak is not on the menu. Heck, I even tried making it myself, to no avail.

    I've had it where it was born, and it is to die for. One of my favorite meals in the entire world.

    1. I Googled "chicken fried steak" and "Manhattan" and came up with this:


      1. Dare I suggest this, for the recommendation is at a National Chain Restaurant.....

        Chili's offers it on their everyday menu, It's the only place I can think of that has it. There are locations in Joisey. The closest ones for you are:

        Paramus @ The Garden State Mall

        Seacaucus off Route 3

        East Rutherford on Route 17 near the Meadowlands,


        1. Coming from the midwest, I understand the appreciation of a good chicken fried steak. I haven't found a midwestern one in the NYC area yet. I have found a NYC version, though, at Bubby's Pie Factory.

          The breading's lighter and is more seasoned. I don't think it's served w/ chicken gravy either. Although it's different from what you're looking for, it might suffice.

          If you're willing to drive for one, why not just make one at home? It's a lot less work.

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            what's chicken gravy? in Texas we do cream gravy which is just milk flower and salt basically.

          2. Duke's is pretty good. 19th and Park.

            1. I am a Yankee, so can't claim much cred, but I did enjoy the iteration I had at Cowgirl on Hudson...

              1. it was a few years back, but i seem to recall a good one at cafeteria (17th st and 7th ave)

                1. Had one at Brother Jimmy's on V-day, the "southern" chain frequented by ex-Frat boys. It was decent, though the meat wasnt nearly as tender as I hoped for with CFS. Their collard greens made the meal though. There are locations alllll around the city. Check it out.

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                    Chiles (chain resturants) make a decent chicken fried steak there is a chiles at the atlas park mall in glendale queens

                  2. I had spoke about this on one of the other boards. Cracker Barrel makes a delicious chicken fried steak. Their sawmill gravy is rich and thick and scrumtpious. It's served with fresh biscuits, and I believe two veggies. I had the fried okra, greenbeans and mashed potatoes. I was shocked at how good it was. I had mine in Maryland, but I hear there is in Fishkill, NY. There's also one in Jersey and Milford Ct. All about 35-40 miles from southern westchester. Best part, I think the whole thing was like $12

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                      I agree with your recommendation of Cracker Barrel.....the best part is they offer it for breakfast. Sometimes when I have to meet someone in Western Jersey for golf, we meet at a Cracker Barrel location. There's one on Interstate 78 in Clinton Exit 15 and one on Interstate 80 Exit 30 in Mount Arlington.

                      Even Perkins and IHOP have good versions.

                    2. ya cracker barrel is actually kinda good; and I concur w/ Duke's and . . . I think my first CFS was at Chili's as well. funny.

                      had a really sloppy one at chat n' chew; not sure I'd recommend it but it was gloriously fried, with a nice fatty steak inside. 'twas good; can't believe I ate the whole thing.

                      1. ah the age old chicken fried steak in new york question.
                        coming from texas i've still yet to find the perfect chicken fried steak in new york...
                        so tender you dont need a knife, smooth flour gravy (not the weird mushroom gravy yanks like to smother it with) and heaps of yummy mashed taters to accompany. it's been rough and a delicious chicken fried steak is my go to hangover meal.
                        but...here's what i've found...

                        cowgirl hall of fame...its a full on steak thats been fried. its not ground up or pounded very much so it's a bit different than the original. extra delicious batter and gravy but i can't make it past the texture thing.

                        chili's....ugh...i hate to say it but they do actually have a very delicious version. it is definitely not organic or local in any way but it is pretty dang good.

                        acme on great jones has a very tasty chicken fried steak as well and they also have yummy bloody marys to boot.

                        i hope that helps!!

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                          I second Acme. Good gravy, mashed and greens that go with too!

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                            Yeah, Acme's is really good, and Duke's is good too. Now if we could just get that downsouth diner pricing...

                        2. It's true. Chili's has one of the better chicken fried steaks out there. Let me know if you find anything else, I'm still looking for a good non-chain version of this dish.

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                            Not a recommendation, but a story of sorts.

                            A local pub in Bogota, NJ.....named Pub 101, had "Chicken Fried Steak" available for a lunch special one day when I happened to be there. It's a popular spot with locals, but the first time I was there for food or drink. I asked the server if the special was recommended and she told me it was a piece of Filet Mignon, deep fried with gravy, and very popular....others loved it. I decided to give it a go.

                            What was served was actually a piece of Filet somewhat pounded thin, covered in Italian Bread Crumbs, deep fried and topped with Brown Gravy.

                            Although the steak was tender and tasty........at least the Chain versions try to be traditional with their versions.

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                              that's insane. wow. i think i would freak out if someone gave me a CFS that had a piece of meat that was from any respectable/ tender/ flavorful part of the animal. that's what the deep frying and gravy are for.

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                              I'm curious over here since it one of my favorite foods.. but, in CA all they have at chilis is chicken friend chicken, or am I wrong...I got it there last time about a year ago...as long as it comes out piping hot its decent.

                            3. Cowgirl Cafe in the West Village; The Roadhouse on Murray St in Tribeca South and there's a soul food place on 36th and 9th Avenue NE corner... don't remember the name but great Southern Style stuff

                              1. 9th street market in the East Village makes an excellent chicken fried steak. I met my husband over chicken fried steak in a Texas college dorm, and we go there every year on our anniversary to celebrate.

                                1. Hi
                                  I too love CFS. I believe cafeteria in chelsea has it on their menu. Other than mine, i remember it was pretty good. Also the hog pit in the meatpacking.

                                  1. Fat Annies Truck Stop has, accourding to me and a few other Texans, the best CFS in NYC. FATS is on 33rd street between 6th adn 7th.
                                    Ask for extra gravy - you will need it.

                                    Acme and Cowgirl both also have a good version but I think Fat Annies' tops them all!!

                                    1. I'm from TX too. CFS in NYC isn't very good, you're looking at a 6/10 at best. I heard Duke's was ok, which means it's probably very mediocre at best. Chili's is Chili's. I wouldn't trust Brother Jimmy's (their regular food is barely passable) and Cowgirl's is very so-so as well. Acme tends to be bland and a little bit tough but is an ok alternative, gravy is very heavy and lacks proper seasoning.

                                      Never tried Bubby's or Cracker Barrels. My friend once told me Micky Mantle's had CFS and got me excited, but he's not a foodie, so I probably wouldn't trust him.

                                      Good luck, it's tough to find. If all else fails, Acme might be your best bet, but don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed.

                                      1. just saw some pictures of the chicken-fried steak at Georgia's Eastside BBQ in LES:

                                        looks amazing that crust!

                                        1. Blue Smoke's chicken fried steak is darn tasty.

                                          1. Lobo in Brooklyn has a damn fine Chicken Fried Steak. I have also had Duke's at both their Manhattan locations, and Lobo's is better. Lobo has two locations, one in Park Slope, and another in Cobble Hill. I prefer the Cobble Hill one and they have great outdoor seating in the Summer.

                                            1. The best I've had in NYC was at the Brooklyn Star, hands down - sadly, they're temporarily closed while they reconstruct from a fire last February.

                                              Other good ones:
                                              Braeburn (I think it's a once a week special)
                                              Essex (brunch only)
                                              Sidecar (Brooklyn, also brunch only)

                                              1. I found a place that will make it on Long Island NY
                                                Chicken Fried Steak with sausage cream gravy found for breakfast @
                                                Apollo Diner. Must ask in person not on menu. Sadly no biscuits.
                                                630 Merrick Avenue, East Meadow, Nassau County, Long Island NY.

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                                                  ANyone try the versions at Amy Ruth's or Pie's n Thights?