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Dec 11, 2001 06:05 PM

Manhattan Beach good eats

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Hi LA chowhounders!
I'm from Portland but love to "eavesdrop" on all your great discussions and lo and behold find myself coming to Manhattan Beach for a wedding post Xmas. I'll be mostly pedestrian since the wedding is right in town and being an Oregonian I would be torturous on your freeways and biways. But was wondering if there are any "don't miss" places down that way or close by - or places I should force my car driving friends to take me.

I've only been to LA once so you'll have to give me a little direction (east, south, north, west). I like the less spendy, funky, international and local hangouts (with good and bad food but maybe great people watching!).

Thanks a ton and thanks to everybody who has contributed to the chow-a-thon to keep this great site going!

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  1. I would suggest Versailles. Since MB is kinda big, I don't know where u would be (near the pier???), but Versailles is great cuban food and its pretty cheap (garlic chicken is their "specialty", but its all good). Its on Sepulveda, near Target in Manhattan beach.

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      Versailles is a great choice, and is one of my favorite restaurants! There are a ton of choices in Manhattan Beach, so more info on price and type of cuisine would help narrow it down.

      A few I'd mention in addition to Versailles along PCH are Big Wok (all you can eat Mongolian BBQ), Reed's, and China Grill (non traditional, interesting menu items).

      And a few downtown: Francesca, Soleil, Michi, and Cafe Pierre which are more upscale. Good Stuff, and The Banyan(indonesian) are less expensive (<$10).

      1. re: David L

        Thanks everybody for your great tips. Sounds like I have a couple of good choices - and you never know - we may make our way out of the hood to go to some of the many places mentioned on the board.
        Thanks everyone and have a great holiday season!

        1. re: Amy B

          Here's a few ideas
          Right near Manhattan Beach, in the whole SOuth Bay are quite a few hawaiian places. There are Japanese-Amer. and Samoan immigrants in the area. Take a look at the Loft at Lahaina, in Hermosa Beach, Bruddahs Hawaiina Food in Gardena, Kings Bakery in Torrance (all within a few miles of Manhattan Beach).
          Also in Gardena are a ton of Japanese places (this isn't very far from Manhattan Beach). There's an article at the LaTimes site, which you can find under the search authentic ethnic on all kinds of Japanese places in the South Bay. For cheap and fun, go to the foodcourt at the Mitsuwa marketplace or go for food at the Gardena Bowl bowling alley. I'm not kidding.

          Frankly, Manhattan Beach Brewing Company has very good microbrewery beer and the Beach Hut in Manhattan Beach isn't bad. Have fun.


          1. re: jerome

            Jerome and everybody,
            Thanks so much - wow this is gonna be great. Jerome I grew up in Hawaii so this will be great fun to get some good Hawaiian grinds! And the other places you mention may provide ample opportunity for some good noodle soup - Ramen most specifically. Thank you so much for the hints - I've been down this way before and did stop by the Manhattan Brewing Co. but they were closing and rushing us out of there - we also had a good breakfast up on the main street - there was a huge line to get in but it was very good. Thanks again!

            1. re: Amy B

              Aloha Amy - If you have a chance don't forget Marukai Forum in Gardenia on Artesia Blvd right where HWY 91, everytime I go there I get homesick!!! They have a little food court there. Also, L&L Drive Inn is now in LA...L&L's Hawaiian BBQ
              1258C W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena, CA 90247

              Though we've moved to SD, we still go to Marukai about once a month to stock up.

              Have a Good one!!!

              1. re: KirkK

                Wow - I had no idea L&L was on the mainland - the last time I went was two years ago at a high school reunion - I drove to Kona just to get some good teri-beef. I'm from the Hilo side of the Big Island so I really miss Cafe 100 in Hilo - the home of the loco moco. Do they have loco moco there? I had no idea there were so many ono Hawaiian places near MB - thanks so much for the great tip! Aloha,

                1. re: Amy B

                  Hi Amy - Well after moving to LA several years ago...needless to say the biggest thing I missed was the food. There's a web page I'm linking with most of the plate lunch places in SoCal - it comes in most handy.
                  As for Marukai - if you need Aloha Shoyu, Purity Portugese Sausage, etc....they have it there - it is a membership type place however, but browsing is free. Our next trip is set for 12/23...Portugese Bean Soup has been requested so I need Sausage.

                  Have Fun!!!!


                  1. re: Amy B

                    Ooops, sorry Amy - They Have locomoco - they even brought in the cooks from HNL to teach the staff how to cook!!! If your lucky you'll mean Elaine who owns the SoCal franchise...she also owns a few in HI. They menu is smaller then the one's "back home", and I miss their beef stew - but they have all of L&L's signature dishes. Everytime I see Elaine I keep lobbying for an L&L here in SD.....We used to have one right down the street in Hacienda Heights....

                    Take Care,

      2. m
        More of Everything...

        As a vet of the South Bay, funky and international are not two of the identies which first come to mind when thinking of Manhattan Beach. Don't get me wrong, its a pretty, super safe hood, but funky, it ain't. Some of the food rec's below are pretty good for MB. You might also want to hop in cab to the Hermosa Pier area where there are many bars and crowded restaurants (decent sushi places and the like).

        For funky artsy stuff, I'd suggest getting someone to take you up to Venice: Canal Club, Pacific Beach or go to one of the places on Abbott Kiney - very trendy Venice street.