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Feb 12, 2008 09:46 PM

Visiting DC - Craft beer bars?

Any recommended craft beer bars in the nation's capitol? Specifically looking for one that has a good number of east coast microbrews on tap or bottled (e.g., dogfish head, weyerbacher, smuttynose, etc).

Any recs on beer stores in DC would be helpful as well.


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  1. Not to shill for another website, but....

    Check out the city guide for DC here:

    And NoVA here:

    My personal recommendations for beer bars: Brickskeller, RFD, Birreria Paradiso (all in DC), Rustico and the Dogfish Head Alehouse (in VA burbs).

    For beer stores, check out Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits in DC or any Whole Foods or Total Wine in VA.

    You will find no shortage of East Coast craft beers at any of these places.

    The beer guides linked to above will provide you with website links, maps and reviews for each place.

    If good food at the place is a consideration (as it well might be considering you're on Chowhound), I'll particularly point to Rustico and Birreria Paradiso.

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      I'll second Rustico for food; they put a lot of effort into matching their meals with their beers. Burgers and pizzas are excellent and they're one of the few places that know how to do fries properly. And unlike Brickskellar they actually HAVE most of what's on their beer list.

    2. The Brickskeller is always a good choice - they claim to have 1000 different types of beer. In reality on any given night they might have 400-500, which is still impressive.

      Dogfish Head has two local restaurants, one in Gaithersburg and one in VA. They obviously serve their own beer.

      Unfortunately, Dr. Dremos is no more. They were a great laid back bar with a wonderful tap list and a really unique personality.

      1. The Brickskeller is definitely someplace you should visit. The first time I brought my bf, he looked through the entire menu of beers, gulped and with a glazed look in his eye, turned to the waitress and ordered a Guinness.

        Additionally, there's a place called Old Dominion Brewhouse on 9th Street that is part of the Convention Center building. The food is enh, but they have a fun selection of beers from different microbrews (Auburn fans beware: it's where the 'Bama fans gather).

        Also, Capital City Brewing Company is at 1100 New York Ave, NW. District Chophouse is on 7th Street, around E Street, NW. And there's a Gordon Biersch at 9th & F Streets, NW. But these places only carry their own line.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions!

          1. Update on my visit to DC:

            Checked out Brickseller, definitely a beer mecca. Awesome selection, although the markup was a bit crazy. Also check out Pizza Paradiso in G'Town. Really liked that place. Had the Baltic Thunder Porter from Victory there, probably one of the best porters I've tasted in awhile.

            I also ate at Brasseire Beck's on Friday night. Very impressive Belgian list.

            Thanks for all the suggestions!