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Feb 12, 2008 09:26 PM

osteria mozza - is it still hard to get into?

I've been avoiding this whole Mozza thing on principle (not a fan of hype, still haven't been to Craft or Cut either), but now we've got out of towners who want to go to a Mozza. We are thinking about doing the pasta tasting menu at Osteria Mozza. The website says you can make a reservation no more than 30 days in advance. I've got it marked on the calendar to call a month in advance. Is that working these days?

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  1. My gf and I walked in at 10:30 on a saturday night and were immediately seated at the cheese bar, which was a great spot. We got to watch Silverton in action. I know it's an awkward time for dinner but we're late eaters. You can always try a walk up, which my friends did a few weeks back (waited an hour) and probably grab a drink next door at the pizza bar.

    1. Try your credit card concierge. It worked for me last time for Osteria Mozza, got a reservation the day of.

      1. I'm going for the first time this Saturday night - can't wait! We were able to get a 9:00 reservation about two weeks in advance. Don't know if that's an anomaly because it's a holiday weekend, or if maybe the frenzy has settled down a bit.

        1. give them a call at 10am, 30 days to the date that you want to go. i've always been able to get the time that i wanted to dine this it for a group of 4 or 6.