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Feb 12, 2008 08:24 PM

What are people's opinions on this list of resturants?


1. Crazyweed Kitchen. 1600 Railway Ave., Canmore., 403-609-2530.
2. JAROblue. 1314 17th Ave. S.W., 237-5276.
3. The Trough. 725 9th St., Canmore, 403-678-2820.
4. Fassil. 3608 17th Ave. S.E., 387-0555.
5.The Mission. 750 2nd St. N., Three Hills, 403-443-3611.
6. Mine. 626 Main St., Canmore, 403-609-2627.
7. Phil & Sebastian Coffee Co., Calgary Farmers' Market, 667-8004.
8. Alloy. 220 42nd Ave. S.E., 287-9255.
9. Il Gallo Nero. 211 17th Ave. S.E., 237-9077.
10.Tommy Burger Bar. 9629 Macleod Tr. S., 258-0668.
11.Blowfish. 625 11th Ave. S.W., 237-8588.
12. Nectar. Upstairs, 1216 9th Ave. S.E., 263-8486.

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  1. 1. good food, slow service, very very expensive drinks.
    2. great food, great service, great room
    3. haven't been
    4. haven't been
    5. haven't been
    6. haven't been
    7. best ever!
    8. haven't been, on my list to go
    9. haven't been, also on my list
    10. haven't been, heard it's decent food and a fun space for a sports type bar
    11. good food, but really expensive
    12. lovely service, delicious deserts, fun space, interesting events, i intend to go to some of the wine events.

    1. Blowfish - I love it, hate the decore but love the unique rolls. They're spicy tuna is my favorite and best I've ever tasted!

      Tommy's Burger Bar - I love it, great burgers, onions rings and sweet potato fries, mmmm. You haven't lived until you've put Guacomole and Camembert on your burger.

      Phil & Sebastian - excellent, perfect coffee everytime I go.

      Crazyweed - I know John Gilchrist gave these guys his first 10/10 and my business partner says his meal was they are on my list the next time I'm through there.

      1. 7. Phil & Sebastian Coffee Co., Excellent coffee. Their Americano makes me swoon :)
        12. Nectar. I was there last night in fact. I had the Rice Pudding last night and wow this is not your Momma's Rice Pudding...this is what your Momma should have been making ;) Smooth rice pudding with coconut milk, almonds and dragonfruit YUM! Other desserts we've enjoyed: Red Velvet Cake, The Chocolate Experience, Sticky Toffee Pudding... ever last one was perfect!

        As for the others... I have a rather lengthy "I have to try this place" list :)

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        1. re: maplesugar

          1. on the list to try soon
          2. fabulous service, decent food (mmmm strawberry pate) and best vote for a dessert in Calgary by my hubby (some sort of lava cake thing)
          3. haven't been
          4. Love it! It's the best (IMHO) of all the Ethiopian restaurants in the city and we go regularly. Converting many friends into Ethiopian food lovers.
          5. haven't been
          6. haven't been
          7. not bad, I make a better coffee at home.....or maybe if I could go in my pj's I would deem this better ;)
          8. great room, great chocolate dessert. Service was attentive and heading back this week for a 2nd try :)
          9. went while a Flames game was on and was dead - decent food, decent price.
          10. Amazing garlic fries and sweet potato fries. Burgers aren't bad, but I truly just go for the fries.
          11. on the list
          12. love their desserts and the room - need to head back soon

        2. I can only speak to:

          Phil and Sebastian - My happy place!! I live close, so I am there every day that the market is open and I always stop for coffee. The latte is perfection.

          Alloy - Very good. Nice room, nice service, good food.

          Il Gallo Nero - Just went there for the first time last night and was let down. It was dead in there. The service was quite annoying - attentive to the point of harassment. I felt like they were trying to shoo us out. I am sure they wanted to go home, but hey, it was only 8pm. I quite like the menu options and the food was good...but it arrived in like 3 minutes. Hmmm......

          Nectar - Great place to stop if you are in Inglewood. Wonderful desserts and a lovely space.