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Feb 12, 2008 06:54 PM

Yankee Stadium trip summer 2008 - food suggestions

Myself and family are finally going to make it ( from MN. ) to a game at Yankee Stadium in July, I would greatly appreciate some tips on some of your towns food and where to go to get it.
1) hot dogs 2) delis 3) hamburgers, close to the stadium would be great but not a must, many thanks for any help. ps - we are all Yankee fans NOT twins fans.

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    1. re: cookkevin

      I'll help out a Yankee fan anytime...where are you staying? in Manhattan? I can vouch that the food inside the stadium should be avoided. Mediocre quality and exorbitant prices. You can bring outside food into the stadium, no glass bottles though & must be in a clear plastic bag.

      All around the stadium are a number of sports bar that serve all of your above choices. Can't say that one stands out, typical pub grub.

      1. re: moymoy

        The Yankee Tavern at E. 161st St. serves a truly respectable pastrami sandwich for a very reasonable price...order it (with a brewski while you wait) at the back of the bar and take it in with you, if it holds out that long.

        1. re: Mike R.

          Also, directly across from the Tavern is a place called US Fried Chicken. These guys may have the best take away burger I have ever had. We usually get burgers and fried chicken to bring into the game. 1 cheese buger, 1 piece of chicken and a gatorate runs about $6. Much cheaper than buying anything in the Stadium.

      2. re: cookkevin

        Also, Court Deli - 96 E 161st St

        I should also clarify that all of places on my other post are not a stones throw from the stadium. You can map out Patricia's and Arthur Ave to see if it would suit your travel itinerary.

      3. One thing you must do is eat a Premio sausage. They are overpriced but so yummy that the price doesn't even matter.
        For other food suggestions I guess it depends if you are driving around or taking the subway.
        Here are some ideas
        Arthur Avenue - for restaurants, breads, pastries - amazing (close to bronx zoo, and botanical gardens)
        Patricia's - 1080 Morris Park Ave @ Lurting Ave, off Williamsbridge Rd.- pizza
        Feeding Tree - 892 Gerard Ave - West Indian & American (great beef patties)
        El Rincon Criolla - Cuban 161st street

        Hope that helps. Enjoy!

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        1. re: bosun

          It's not too bad a train ride to backtrack a little over to the 4/5/6 and go to Mo Gridder's by Hunts Point for BBQ. A bit of an adventure, but the food is awesome and hey, BBQ and sports are a heck of a combo. By the way, GO METS!

          1. re: bosun

            Good suggestions. In the very nearby vicinity I second Feeding Tree and the Cuchifritos (Rincon Criolla). For a burger, although not quite walking distance, I would suggest Bruckner Bar and Grill or Piper's Kilt (which is significantly farther). if you're willing to amke the trip to Arthur Ave. for italian, its gotta be Roberto's. Order off the specials menu.