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Kruang Tedd

kevin Dec 10, 2001 10:42 PM

I'v heard Kruang Tedd is very strong in the area of bar snacks, everything is just o.k. i take it. What are the good "bar snacks" to get?

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  1. m
    michael (mea culpa) Dec 11, 2001 10:30 AM

    Oddly enough, someone named Kevin asked this same question on May 12, 2001. I'm not sure he got a direct answer, but if you do a search for the restaurant I think you'll find the kind of info you are looking for as well as details about the snacks at Palms Thai. Don't forget to support Chowhound now.

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    1. re: michael (mea culpa)
      kevin Dec 11, 2001 01:19 PM

      that was probably me. and nobody answered. the Thai thread from a couple days ago reminded again about Kruang tedd.

      1. re: kevin
        michael (mea culpa) Dec 11, 2001 01:42 PM

        When I was there Sunday night, I didn't check out bar snacks but the food was good and the waitstaff were quite fluent in English so I think you can run it by them.

        1. re: michael (mea culpa)
          Sheryl Dec 11, 2001 02:06 PM

          Every chowhound tip I've taken from this board has proved delicious. With one exception. Kruang Tedd. Maybe it was an off night, but I can't bring myself to go back. The service was very good, really nice waitress. And we ordered according to suggestions from this board and also from the waitress. But the food was way greasy and stale tasting. Both of us spent a long, indigestion filled night... And only the raves about Ruen Pair are making me forget the bad taste and start craving Thai again

          1. re: Sheryl
            michael (mea culpa) Dec 11, 2001 02:21 PM

            Sounds like it was an off night. Or perhaps Thai is not to your taste. And not to sound stupid, but sometimes when I really enjoy eating something I get indigestion. For example, the rich food at 2 and 3 star restaurants which tastes great going down does challenge my system at times. Or, maybe it's too much wine?

            Link: http://chowhound.safeshopper.com

            1. re: michael (mea culpa)
              Jennifer W. Dec 18, 2001 02:51 PM

              Oh, this is me too! For example, I love hotpot/shabu shabu, but it gives me indigestion every time. I still eat it when I get a chance though: too good and fun to pass up. Might it be because I stuff myself too full? Nah...

            2. re: Sheryl
              roger simon Dec 11, 2001 02:30 PM

              You know I feel exactly the same way. The only bum steer I've had on here is Kruang Tedd. Do they have a lot of off nights? The waitstaff was very friendly but the food tasted old, particularly the fish, a real no-no for me. So it goes. I'll try Ruen Pair.

              1. re: roger simon
                michael (mea culpa) Dec 11, 2001 03:52 PM

                Out of curiosity, are you the Roger Simon who wrote the Moses Wine books? Or, the Roger Simon whose picture appears in those Donald Sterling/humanitarian ads?
                In any event, did you try the shrimp cakes? The chicken cooked in banana leaves? The spicy garlic beef? Maybe next time.

                Link: http://chowhound.safeshopper.com/

                1. re: michael (mea culpa)
                  roger simon Dec 11, 2001 08:13 PM

                  I'm the author of the Moses Wine books.

                  1. re: roger simon
                    michael (mea culpa) Dec 12, 2001 10:41 AM

                    So, what have you written lately? Is Moses no longer a factor? What happened to the mom at the rest home?

                    1. re: michael (mea culpa)
                      roger simon Dec 12, 2001 11:40 AM

                      There's a new Moses in the works which will appear next year from Simon & Schuster.

                      1. re: roger simon
                        michael (mea culpa) Dec 17, 2001 10:03 AM

                        There's a new Moses in the works which will appear next year from Simon & Schuster. //
                        Over the weekend, I finished "Political Fictions" and ran across a recent edition of "The Big Fix" containing your epilogue. Reflecting on my naivete over the years, I wondered if the new Moses will have read Didion, or for that matter, what "Fix" would have been like if it centered on last year's "election."

                    2. re: roger simon
                      michael (mea culpa) Dec 12, 2001 10:59 AM

                      Incidentally, thanks for turning me on to Valerie Simpson in your first book. After that I wore out both her solo stuff and a couple of LPs she did with her husband. But, other than collecting royalties, what have she and Ashford done lately? Subsequently, I had to switch to Randy Crawford for a fix, more recently, Cassandra Wilson, Dianne Reeves, Lauryn Hill, Macy Gray. What's in your CD player?

        2. d
          David L Dec 11, 2001 02:09 PM

          I haven't had their bar snacks, but I ate there about a year ago, and thought their food stood up reasonably well to the high standard of thai food in the area. I remember the Tom Yum Kai being particularly sour, which I like. Also the curry tofu was pretty good.

          1. g
            Griller141 Dec 11, 2001 07:18 PM

            Where is it?

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