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Feb 12, 2008 06:35 PM

MSP: Greek Yogurt?

The more authentic the better, and bonus points for being handy to the western 'burbs.

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  1. Check your nearest co-op. I've found Greek yogurt at the Wedge along with domestic goats milk yogurt. If you're in Minneapolis, I'd also check out Bill's Imported Foods. Haven't specifically looked for yogurt there but if I had to bet on a place that has Greek yogurt, that's where I'd put my money.

    1. Trader Joe's has Greek Yogurt. I usually get the Fage brand. There are Trader Joe's in Maple Grove and St. Louis Park, not sure if either of those are handy for you.

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      1. re: starburst greek yogurt. when we were in seville, spain, where our daughter lives, it was easy to find. even dannon made great greek yogurt.

        i like the fage brand here. i find it in 2 sizes at whole foods on fairview in st. paul. they have 2% and nonfat and also sell it with honey. and a pleasant surprise is to find it at the target in roseville, only in the small size. i love to mix it with blueberries and cereal or oatmeal for a super breakfast.

        and speaking of blueberries, the best i have found when i have to buy them frozen in the winter are those from whole foods.

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          The Fage brand available at Trader Joe's is awesome, and if money were no object at all im sure id eat it a lot more often. as it is, this grad student goes with Trader Joe's brand (available out here in california at least) which is still pretty steep at 2.79 per pint - but it comes in 0% fat if thats your thing.

          Comparing TJs and Fage i guess id say there is a slight difference in quality, but as i usually buy fat free the differences are pretty minimal and i'll save my extra buck for some other groceries.

      2. You should check out Crescent Moon bakery/cafe on Central Ave in NE Mpls. Look in the coolers in the back room.

        They make their own fresh, technically afghani yogurt--but having lived in Greece once upon a time I can tell you afghani and greek yogurt are almost identical with the active cultures practically kissing cousins, and positively
        sublime enough to make all that passes for yoghurt in this country a sham.

        I second the Bill's in S. Mpls recommendation, too--several brands (from big greek towns like Chicago) but none actually fresh made. Better than commercial anyhow. Holy Land Deli on Central also has greek-esque yoghurt brands that use the same active cultures usually used in greek yogurt.

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        1. re: zimmee66

          That's a great tip about Crescent Moon!!

          Word on the street is that Abu Nader in St. Paul may also make their own. Apparently they sell yogurt in little home-packed containers.

          1. re: Chris Mitra

            Yes, I think I have seen the homemade yogurt at Abu Nader. Virtually everything there (if not in fact everything) is made by them on site.

            1. re: karykat

              It's available at Abu Naber and it's homemade. And it's to die for. To. Die. For. And they also sell that kind of cheese that's essentially drained yogurt? More a spread than a cheese and it begins with L?

              1. re: jeanmt

                At Emily's Lebanese Deli, there's a type of yogurt called "lubin" (the first syllable sounds like the "lub" of "landlubber"). It's an optional side for their yummy rice, lamb, chicken, and pinenuts dish, and it's delicious. But their version isn't very drained - it's more like runny greek yogurt in consistency - not sure if that's a regional difference, or if there's a different L word for the drained version.

                I gotta try the ones from Abu Nader and Holy Land. And Crescent Moon. In fact, I feel a Middle-Eastern yogurt binge coming on!


                P.S. The Caspian Bistro sells good yogurt - thick and creamy - in blue plastic tubs. I don't remember the country of origin, though.

        2. I have seen it at Byerly's and Kowalski's too. They have the Fage brand and the other commercial one with the goats on the cup!