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Feb 12, 2008 05:59 PM

walking distance of Cal (any side)

A while back I did some research here to see what was good within walking distance of Cal, and checked out many of the most recommended places. But today I was walking around at lunchtime and it occurred to me that there are hundreds and hundreds of places that may not regularly appear in people's top five but which are perfectly good places to eat if you're in the area a lot, which I am. So...

...what would you all recommend that's not on this list? (Note: this list includes both good and bad - it's not a list of my favorites.)

Arinell Pizza, Blondie's, Cafe de la Paz, Cafe Durant, Caffe Intermezzo, Caffe Strada, Cancun Taqueria, Cesar, C'est Cafe, Chaat Cafe, Cha-Ya, Cheese Board, Chez Panisse, Chipotle, Crepes a Go Go, Eat a Pita, El Sombrero, Ethiopia Restaurant, Extreme Pizza, Fat Slice, Gelateria Naia, Gelato Milano, Gregoire, High Tech Burrito, House of Curries, I.B.'s, Ici, Juice Appeal, La Burrita, La Cascada, La Mediterranee, La Note, LaVal's, Lo Coco's, Long Life Vegi House, Mario's La Fiesta, Masse's Pastries, Michelle's, Naan N Curry, Noah's Bagels, Pane e Cioccolata, Pie in the Sky, Planet Juice, Ryowa, Soop, Taste, Udupi Palace, Vegi Food, Venus, Yogurt Park

Again, this isn't a "I want one really good lunch on such-and-such a date" type of thing - I'd just like to know where knowledgeable locals eat and where they avoid. Gourmet Ghetto, Shattuck, Telegraph, College - anything that's within reasonable walking distance of campus. Thanks so much!

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  1. Brazil Fresh Squeeze and Brazil Cafe. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the shack and the tri-tip sandwich. Haven't tried the sister store.

      1. re: peppatty

        angeline's louisiana kitchen on shattuck. ici on college is a stretch, but walkable for some. anh hong new on university, Brazil Cafe on university and on shattuck. cafe gratitude. Bobby G's Pizzeria. Sam's Kabob Cafe. Zabu Zabu. Top Dog of course, though they're getting kinda pricey. Orzo. I'll keep thinking...this is fun.

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          I noticed walking by the other day that Bongo Burger now features Niman meat.

          1. re: peppatty

            yes, Bongo with the constant dulcet refrain of: "lule kebab, lule kebab, lule kebab, falafel, falafel. looooole kebab"

            but yes very good - is 7 Palms still there (corner store) and does Alison still sweep around there (homeless transvestite with issues)? not scary, just at wit's end.

            Bongo serves Niman??? say it it ain't so.

          2. Adagia is your most glaring omission. Good food within earshot of campus.

            Imperial Tea Court. Zatar. Taste has closed - it will soon reopen as Mint Leaf Organic Indian Cuisine.

            On Saturdays, there are food vendors at the Downtown Farmers' Market.

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            1. re: Morton the Mousse

              Will Mint Leaf have the same or new owners?

              1. re: rworange

                Same, the Aggarwal brothers (who also own Khana Peena Indian restaurants in Berkeley and Oakland including, I believe, the new $1 Curry near UC ), have decided to turn the space into a seasonal Indian restaurant according to Scoop/SFChron.

                1. re: wolfe

                  By the way, the Khana Peena place on Oxford in Berkeley is gone. The two side-by-side former restaurants (other was most recently a Filipino place) have been combined into one Curry-for-a-Dollar (not sure if that's quite right) place. I have no idea if Aggarwals still own it.

                    1. re: meemster

                      Yep, same owners. Here's a little background. Still no response on Chowhound about the food.

                      Berkeley: Dollar Curry House - Tandoori chicken $1, lamb vindaloo $1.99, wine $1.99, beer on tap $1 ???

              2. Within 5-10 minutes walk from campus --

                Highly recommended:
                Jayakarta (can be astonishing if you know what to order, many posts here)
                Norikonoko (limited hours)
                Sunrise Deli for falafel

                Great China, but not for lunch
                Turkish Kitchen
                Healthy Heavenly Foods in the Bear's Lair food court
                Hummingbird for the Middle Eastern plate
                Espresso Experience for the bulgogi sandwich
                Top Dog
                Brazil Cafe
                Tandoor Kitchen
                Namaste for momos
                Platano (very slow)
                Triple Rock for burgers
                Taiwan (best for weekend brunch)
                Berkel Berkel (only for beef)
                Nefeli Caffe
                CU Sushi for the permanent half-price menu

                Sort of recommended, in that they're better than many places on your list:
                Imperial Tea Court
                Bobby G's
                Da Lian for smoked pork
                Thai Basil
                Lotus House
                Desi Dog
                Tuk Tuk Thai
                Bongo Burger for lamb
                Smart Alec's except the fries
                Baja Fresh

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                1. re: bradluen

                  For reference and/or kicks, this is how I'd break down the places I've been to from the OP's list:

                  Highly recommended:
                  Chez Panisse
                  Pie in the Sky
                  Cheese Board
                  House of Curries
                  Udupi Palace

                  Almare (formerly Milano)

                  Sort of recommended:
                  Cafe Durant
                  Cafe Intermezzo
                  Caffe Strada

                  If you must:
                  La Cascada
                  La Val's
                  C'est Cafe/Subway

                  La Burrita
                  La Med
                  Crepes a Go Go
                  Fat Slice
                  Eat a Pita

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