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Feb 12, 2008 05:44 PM

(REAL) bagels in austin

where can i find bagels here? i relocated from the northeast and even bruggers bagels is better than anything in the supermarkets here. i know this is something austin is sorely lacking. does anyone know where to buy decent bagels? the only place i can think of is einstein bros on the ut campus, but im hoping for more.

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  1. i relocated for the northeast as well and was on a bagel search.. ive found that manny hattans has good bagels. They are H&H from NYC. I know they are probably frozen, but an H&H bagel beats a einstein's or a supermarket bagel in my opinion.

    1. Central Market carries bagels made by Hot Jumbo, which used to have a storefront downtown but unfortunately closed due to rising rents. However their wholesale business is apparently still going strong.

      I believe there's also an Einstein on Anderson Lane.

      I'm not sure where Manny Hattan's gets their bagels from. But they are the best jewish deli in town, IMO. Also locally owned and operated.

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        I second the recommendation for Hot Jumbo bagels, although where you buy them depends on what you are looking for--do you just want a bagel, or are you looking to have it toasted, with cream cheese/butter, or what? Jo's Coffee sells a few flavors of Hot Jumbo bagels, but you have to toast them yourself, and they only have mini packs of Philly cream cheese. I was not aware that Central Market sold Hot Jumbo bagels--I tried their bagels a few years ago and have never bought another one since. They definitely were not Hot Jumbo bagels back then--they were much too airy, without the proper density or gluten formation. In any case, Hot Jumbo is not perfect, but it's as close as I've found in Austin since moving away from New York 18 years ago.

        1. Central Market carries H&H bagels in their freezer section. Get them. You are never going to find bagels like NY here other than those. I haven't in 13 years. Yes, Hot Jumbo was good when they had their storefront because you could go there and get a fresh/hot one, but buying them from a store that they wholesale to is not the same.

          1. grapvine sells h&h too frozen and as a ex nyker they a re the best,rest here are passable.its very comaprable to the pizza situation here