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Feb 12, 2008 05:42 PM

Where to find German imports???

I'm looking to buy some German products (especially liquor filled chocolates!!) and can't seem to find them anywhere. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

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  1. Karl's Sausage Kitchen on Rte. 1 heading north in Saugus, MA. Not sure about the liquor filled chocolates, but I know they sell the Katjes brand of licorice. You could call them before you go, but it wouldn't be a wasted visit if you didn't. They are closed on Mondays.

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    1. re: Infomaniac

      I've definitely seen liquor filled chocolates at Karl's- maybe just around the holidays though. I do like to stock up on fun Easter candy there and it's about that time...

    2. Cardullo's in Harvard Square has a lot of European products.

      1. Karl's has by far the best selection of German groceries (meats, cheeses, breads, condiments, cookes, and on and on) I've seen. Great house-made sausages and cured meats (ham, speck, bacon).

        But I also recall seeing somewhere once, long ago, that those liquor-filled chocolates can't be sold in MA, for fear of the kiddies getting drunk. No idea if that's still true, or ever was true, but maybe that's why they're hard to find here.

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          Cardullo's sells chocolates filled with the German brandy Ansbach.

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            You can't mail order liquor-filled chocolates for delivery to MA residents, due to our ridiculous liquor laws. But, I imagine stores can import them for sale to customers, presumably after checking ID's.

            1. re: mwk

              True, but you can have your mom send them to you every Christmas.

              Not that I'd do that, mind you. :)

          2. Try Teuscher Chocolates (230 Newbury St, Boston or online ordering I think they are actually Swiss rather than German.