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Feb 12, 2008 05:34 PM

Help!! Looking for good dim sum places for lunch near St. Patricks Cathedral on Sunday 2/10.

Hi, everyone!! I'm taking my mother and mother in-law to St. Patrick's on Sunday for sunday mass and they both love dim sum. I did a search on dim sum and most of the places seem to be in Chinatown or downtown. Can anyone help me with a good dim sum places around mid town, St. Pats area? Thanks everyone for your help.

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  1. Hopefully you mean 2/17 -- b/c otherwise you posted a bit late!

    There aren't a lot of dim sum restaurants in the area. The only passable one I know of that is remotely close is Ollie's 42 (at 42nd st. and 9th ave.) They have the basics:

    Har kow
    Steam Pork Dumpling
    Chicken Dumplings
    Pan-Fried Pork Dumpling
    Pork & shrimp Shu Mei
    Beef shu Mei
    Vegetable Dumplings
    Little juicy Pork Buns
    Beef Rolls in Bean Curd Crepe
    R.Pork Buns
    Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf Wrap
    Scallion Pancakes

    As I said, it's passable, but dim sum afficionados would be hard pressed to call it good.

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    1. re: cimui

      I definitely would not recommend Ollie's. The food is sub-par. From St. Patrick's it;s very easy to take the D train across the street at Rockefeller Center- it will get you to Chinatown in 15 minutes.

      1. re: Ann900

        Agree that Ollie's is not the best Manhattan has to offer, Ann900. But if we assume OP's geographic parameters, the dim sum / small plates offerings at this Ollie's location are as good or better than anything I, at least, have found north of lower Manhattan, including other Ollie's locations.

    2. not exactly midtown, but china fun (2nd ave bet 64th and 65h) has passable dim sum (at least for midtown) probably better than ollie's from my memory of ollie

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        the Ollie's cheerleader hat fits a little funny on my head, but i do feel compelled to defend the honor of Ollie's 42! i like China Fun, as well, primarily for the you tiao, duo jiang, egg custard tarts, and curry puffs. but if you compare the items that both of them have on the menu, I think Ollies 42 does little juicy pork buns, lotus leaf wraps, pan fried dumplings and scallion pancakes much better than CF (thinner dumpling skins, thinner, crisper pancakes). Ollie's also has har kow, shu mei, and beef rolls in tofu skin, which CF doesn't have. AND it has those crystal dumplings with really thin rice-flour skins, jellyfish salad, and a chen dou small plates menu that includes sweet rice ball soup (a good black sesame version).

        if it's not really out of the way for you, give this location a go. :)