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Feb 12, 2008 05:03 PM

Crete Souvlaki - Calgary

On another thread I requested the best Greek food in Calgary. Having returned from a month in Greece I was getting the 'urge'.
This restaurant at 2623 17 Avenue SW popped up a few times and I recently noted it on another thread or two.
Thre restaurant is located in a gas station and is best described as take-out. There is a counter that would seat about three people and two tables that would seat three or four. You order from the gas station counter. I asked the clerk if he had ever heard of Chowhound? No. I said I heard the food was good. He said he didn't know as he never ate there. I was starting to question my visit.
We ordered two full plates which had chicken souvelaki, rice, roast potato, Greek salad, and sliced pita. They were served in a timely fashion from behind a stainless steel counter where you can not see the food being prepared. They were in a styrofoam takeout container. We were not disapppointed at all. I would recommend this place only for takeout. If you dine in there is truly the odor of gasoline and when the door opened there were blasts of cold air.
The food was properly presented. It was hot and I was very happy with the entire meal;. I would have liked more Tzatziki sauce for my pita. There was some on the potato. The salad was very, very heavy on strong red onion so we both left a bit on our plate.
The bill was under $20 including one beverage. There is no tipping as it is self serve with plastic utensils.
Would I go again? Yes, but only as a take out.
Dean in Red Deer

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  1. It's not really a resturant. It's more a takeout place. I think they just have the tables there just in case someone wants to eat their food right away.

    We've been there twice and we never eat there right in the eatery per se.. we were across the road at a soccer game. We took our food back to the field. Sorry if I misled ya. Like I said... it's as homestyle as you can get.

    Lucky you ...a month in Greece. How does anything compare to that? Any good places to eat in Red Deer?

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      The Red Deer eateries are now being posted on another thread.
      It's All Greek To Me in Red deer is as close as you will ever get to authentic Greek food in Canada.
      I highly recommend it.
      Dean in Canada (Red Deer)