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Feb 12, 2008 04:54 PM

Helping a California boy return to Dallas . . .

Coming back for the first time since 1970. (Yeah, it's been a while.) All my restaurant knowledge has long since passed my conscious memory, though I do have vague recollection of some dive bar on the second story of a building in Ft. Worth called "The Cellar" -- WTF?!?!?!? -- that featured waitresses walking back and forth in front of the band in leotards. Oooohhhh, the horror . . . .

OK, be that as it may, I've flying in with a handful of other California chowhounds for a law conference.

How's this list for three nights of dinner suggestions?
-- Lonesome Dove Bistro, Ft. Worth.
-- Abacus, Dallas
-- Stephan Pyles, Dallas

Any other ideas?

Also, is there anyplace in North Dallas to get a decent espresso? I'll be at the Omni West off the LBJ freeway, and Cafe Gachet is some 13 miles away. Anything closer, or do I have to haul an espresso machine in my luggage?


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  1. There is a Starbucks right near by to satiate the espresso fix you're looking for.

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      Having read a number of your insightful posts on the wine board, I know you are a person who knows his wine. I would suggest you check out Lola. It has a very impressive list with prices that are some of the best in the state (certainly the most reasonable in Dallas). I haven't been to Lonesome Dove so I can't comment. I think Stephan Pyles is good but doesn't live up to all the hype though the cuisine is unique. Another recommendation would be Nana in the Anatole hotel. The food is outstanding with a very impressive wine list.

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        Actually, that's exactly what would make me turn into a tea drinker, but thanks anyway.

      2. Espresso at Starbucks - ummm yuck. I think you are out of luck in getting some good coffee north of LBJ. So sorry. You might be able to find a Pacuigo Gelato off of Forest (btwn Tollway and Preston) that might have Illy.

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          Well -- calmer heads prevailing -- my wife suggested we bring a press pot with us instead of the espresso machine. She DOES have a point. ;^) Now I just need to double-check and make sure the hotel rooms have a kettle or something.

        2. Zin1953: I think your best shot for the coffee will La Madeleine cafe/bakery . The location in Las Colinas (MacArthur Blvd@Royal Lane) should be about 3 miles from your hotel . I concur with your Stephen Pyles choice . For Ft. Worth , I would skip Lonesome Dove , and go to Lanny's Alta Cochina Mexicano . This guy is trying something different , and apparently pulling it off pretty well . He's got a few Texas wines on his list , try Becker for white , and either McPherson or Llano for reds. . Abacus is a good restaurant , but it will be what you are used to in California . So , instead I am suggesting Babe's Chicken House (Carrollton location) for fried catfish , fried chicken , chicken fried steak ....and I'm suuggesting it because it's good and certainly different from what you get back home . If you just cannot wrap yourself around the idea of fried food , then I would do Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House , or Dean Fearing's new restaurant at the Ritz Carlton , since he is a Dallas icon and a pioneer in SW cooking. . Enjoy yourself , I am a big fan of your encyclopedic posts on the wine board . Thanks for all your good work on behalf of us hounds .