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Feb 12, 2008 04:29 PM

Finally Found Great Pizza in Florida!

When my husband and I moved to Florida from NJ 22 years ago, we didn't know we also had to say goodbye to our favorite food - pizza. Over the years we've put lots of miles on our vehicles driving to places somebody said was good, and then ending up disappointed.

So when a guy showed up at my work saying he had just opened a real NY pizzeria down the block, I just rolled my eyes and thought, "Sure you did."

Well, it's fantastic! The pizza wasteland of North Central Florida has been saved!

Try Villagio's Pizza in Newberry, FL. It's 10 miles west of I-75 Gainesville exit 387. I don't have the exact address but it must be something like 211 S. Main Street, Newberry, FL 32669 since it's right near my office. It's the same town with the best BBQ around, Newberry's Backyard BBQ.

Trust me, this is the real deal!

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  1. We're driving through there this weekend- if a Jersey girl says it's great pizza, I believe her!! I will plug the address into GPS. But the BBQ sounds good too.

    1. Your post is so true. We tried Villagio's Pizza following your recommendation and were not disappointed. Quite the contrary, served piping hot, foldable, a soft crust, crisp on the bottom, with wonderful cheese and the mandatory grease running down my hand....all truly a thing of beauty in what is indeed a pizza wasteland.

      1. Well..when it comes to folks from "up north"....."it's always better in NY or NJ".....If that's the case I can't understand if it's so great up there, why those folks still flock to Florida!!.....But please...there are a ton of great pizza places....Europe in Port St. Lucie is outstanding....Capri in Homestead is outstanding....Loven Oven in Doral (Miami) is outstanding....GoodFellas in Hutchingson Island is outstanding.....And I've eaten plenty of pizze in NY and pizzerias...and on streetcorners....and the places I've mentioned here are every bit as good....Puh-leeeze....A Grehound hit's I-95 north every hour......

        Ft. Pierce, FL

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          I'm from the midwest and have lived in Florida for 18 years. I love Florida and am glad I moved here. If I went back to Chicago, I am certain that I would lament the loss of the wonderful seafood and Cuban food to be found throughout Florida, not to mention the grouper sandwich!

          And certainly very good pizza is available in Florida. But you don't find much EXCELLENT pizza in Florida. If you go to New Jersey, New York, or Chicago, or smaller towns nearby, the pizza just is better. Furthermore, the even if you do not search out "the best" pizza in the area, the "average" pizza is of higher quality. I don't know why--probably for the same reason that the average Cuban sandwich here is better than the average one in Chicago.

        2. absolutley the truth... I am so happy that we finally have some decent italian food in newberry... It is more than decent... the food at Villagios' is fantastic... I reccomend this pizza, lasagna, salads, subs to anyone who has a taste for italian... very good food... even my boyfriend from New York who says you can not get good food around here Love Villagios... Thanks to Paul and his wife for coming this way... :)

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            Well EMac, people do not come to FL for pizza. We find some here, some there. We may be pizza fanatics or just fans. I found a place (not an original discovery) in Delray - Anthony's coal fired pizza. It was interesting and quite tasty and I enjoyed it. Mine was ordered with sausage which was notable by its stingy application and of course by its being "coal black" over all (coal fired???). A sign on the wall over the ovens advised they cook all pizza "well done" ( I don't object to that but the black color and the stingy application of the added condiment are a negative but mind you it did not leave a "burned" taste.) But realize, no one comes to FL to find pizza, one comes to FL to find warmth in the winter. And that's good too.

          2. I moved out of Miami 9 years ago and moved here to Newberry. Since then I've not had a good slice of pizza till Villaggios opened. ( I even lived in the Chicago area for over 3 years and tasted all kinds of Pizza, still I was not impressed! I moved back here to Newberry over a year ago and started my own business and I eat at Villaggios at least once a week. There are only 2 great pizzeria's in FL now, Villaggios 179 SW 250 St Newberry and Mario the Baker down in South Florida " North Miami " NW 135 St and Dixie Hwy. He's been opened a couple of months now and stays busy, I'm sure he'll do just fine!

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              feelinpeckish.....I'm well aware what attracts folks from up north to our warmer climes here in South Florida...My ancestors made their way here in 1908 and I'm glad they did...hence the pride I have in the area that I grew up in and respect.....As for pizza...there are a TON of places in South Florida with palatable pizza....and are comparable to the the joints that I've eaten in "up north" in NY/NJ.....I work in Miami during the week and Loven Oven on NW 12th street has very good pie.....The Capri in Homestead has been serving solid pie since 1958....I spend my weekends in Ft. Pierce....and Europa in Pt. St. Lucie has several good pies and individual slices to choose from....Goodfellas has two locations in Ft. Pierce and those folks know what they're doing as well......

              There's plenty of good pizza in South Florida....But maybe it's like my old grandpappy used to say...."Water always tastes best where you first drunk it".....and it's likely that no pizza in South Florida will meet your expectations....or equal what you came's that simple....


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                LargeLife - on your way through Boca stop at La Pizza by Pino (134 NE Second St. Phone: 561-353-1182.) I think you'll enjoy it.

                La Pizza
                134 NE 2nd St, Boca Raton, FL 33432

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                  Can you expand on Loven Oven and The Capri?

                  1. re: taiga

                    Loven Oven is in the Beacon Center on NW 12th Street and 84th Ave in Doral....It's just a joint....they have thin and thick crust pizza....I like the slice or the whole pie....Tasty and reliable....The Capri has been open in Florida City (just south of Homestead) since 1958....It's on Krome Avenue....I was born in Homestead and thus it's the first pizza to grace my pallot (LOL!)....Their crust isn't thick, isn't's moderate....And they do have a sausage they use that hasn't changed in 40 years....I usually ask them to cook mine "well done"....Solid and reliable....There is good pizza in South Florida.....and most of those places are run by New Yorkers....Pizza ain't rocket science.....I own a Big Green Egg smoker / has a pizza stone...and I routinely make my own at home....and it comes out pretty good....Like I said...ain't rocket science....