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Feb 12, 2008 04:22 PM

In your opinion....

I'd love your opinion on the following:

Cafe Adelaide
Angel Brocato's Ice Cream
Rampart Street Food Store
Liuzza's by the Track
Cafe Reconcile

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  1. They're fine. However, I've never heard of Rampart St. Food Store.

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    1. re: N.O.Food

      I've only eaten Cafe Adelaide's food in the Swizzle Stick Lounge. The food was great, but I've heard the service can be a little lacking...

      Brocato's has good gelato. There's better to be found, namely at Sucre or La Divina Gelateria.

      Never heard of Rampart Street.

      Liuzza's is fantastic. Sometimes I get upset thinking that my work hours often prevent me from going...

      Never been to Reconcile.

      1. re: mikemill

        I beg to differ; Brocato's local fruit flavors (strawberry, blood orange) are as good as anything offered by La Divina or Sucre. For more inventive flavors, La Divina is tops. I am turned off by Sucre's use of colorings, and the selection of flavors skews kiddy, IMHO. The best lemon ice is at Gelato Pazzo on Oak St.

        Reconcile rocks; good home cooking, inexpensive, and it's a good cause. Go on Thursdays for the shrimp & white beans.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I totally agree w/Celeste regarding's the closest to italy I've ever tasted (conistency and flavorwise) and that includes New York shops. The stracciatella is a thing of beauty- but I digress....

          Reconcile is fantastic for food and to see a cross section of people. I've recently been to a party catered by them and it was very impressive.

          LBTT is a great neighborhood bar and a great place for a late lunch after watching the ponies

          Cafe Adelaide has some fantastic bar food (really interesting- try the duck calas w/foie gras butter or corn dog shrimp) but I never sit anywhere but the bar- table service leaves a lot to be desired

          never heard of rampart st food store- sorry

          the majority of this list represents a perfect food day for me...

          1. re: chef4hire

            Chef4hire, I agree. The Duck clas w/foie gras butter is so unusual but very delicious. I liked the Turtle Soup too.

            1. re: kkak97

              I don't think regular butter will ever be enough for me~I've been spoiled

              foie gras butter and toast, pancakes, waffles, corn on the cob...bring it on!

              1. re: chef4hire

                I think those are the most beautiful words I've ever heard-- " duck...with foie gras butter..." Mmmmmmm.....

                1. re: jessierandall

                  It really is as good as it sounds, too.

        2. re: mikemill

          We've also eaten at Cafe ADelaide's Swizzle Stick Lounge, and we just loved it. The food was just great. In fact, we'll be in town in two weeks and Cafe Adelaide's bar is definitely on the list for an afternoon lunch and drink session.

      2. Angelo Brocato's gelato may not be the best but it's the most storied. It's cool to sit in there and look at all the old photos on the wall. They also make pretty good pastries. Cafe Reconcile is pretty good. I wouldn't say the best food but certainly a good cause (I've written that thousands of times on this board). It's a teaching restaurant; it provides job training to low-income youth. The service is almost never perfect but the food is almost always spot-on. I'm a big fan of their smothered okra, fried chicken, and white beans and shrimp. They make a pretty mean bread pudding too.

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        1. re: missmable

          Brocato's is great and there's more than gelato. They have canolli's, cookies, spumoni, cappuccino and pastries in an old fashioned parlor.
          As for Sucre, I am turned off by the attitudes of the employees.

        2. I like Adelaide. LBTT is very good but don't get the crab cake. I like the idea behind Cafe Reconcile but the one time I went I did not like the food. Never been to the others.

          1. I was just thinking about Liuzza's by the Track yesterday. It's been almost a year since being there. My thoughts involved a cup of their seafood gumbo and one of their hamburgers. They mix onions and bell peppers in the burger (some call that a meat loaf burger). The roast beef po'boys ain't bad either.

            1. Food at Cafe Adelaide is very good. They have an intriguing lunch hook of $.25 martinis. The only catch is my martini didn't arrive until I was halfway through my entree, for better or worse. I had the Turtle Soup and a great chicken dish over roasted winter veg. Service could be better (as echoed above), but not a bad place to begin. Although Mr. B's offers a similar if not better dining experience.
              Angelo Brocato's is a must hit, just like Cafe Du Monde, Jackson Square, etc...A great example of a dying (however currently reviving) trade.
              Liuzza's by the track not bad, but in my opinion Liuzza's on Bienville is vastly superior. Ask them to make you a panee chicken poboy with roast beef on top. Total package right there.

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              1. re: Lyonola

                I agree that Bienville Liuzza's is better but it is an apple/orange affair. The stuffed artichokes used to be the 2d best in town (Clem Hurstel's wife made The Best but that joint is long gone) but the last time I had them I'd have done as well if I'd bought a loaf of Wonder Bread and soaked it in olive oil.

                I still pine for Brocato's in the French Quarter (with it's Ladies Entrance).