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Feb 12, 2008 04:20 PM

Hampton Roads Dives and Deals

Hey all I've got a little challenge for you. We are all aware of the Todd Jurich's, Bobbywoods, Vintage Kitchen's, Terrapin's out where we can get top notch gourmet with a wad out of the wallet. But where do you go when you are hungry and you don't want to sit down an use two forks and look and act presentable? You know the place where you wander back to over and over and leave satisfied with a less guilt that you spent too much. It could be a neighborhood place that always makes their food homeade and doesn't cut corners or a bakery that makes the sweetest rolls or the place that if you moved away you would definitely miss because they had the best ____. Come on don't be shy, we won't judge you, divulge!

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  1. While driving down Princess Anne Blvd the other day, we stumbled across a newly opened Hawaiian BBQ joint called Aloha Hawaiian BBQ (I think). It had only been opened for a few days and it was already packed. It's a small place with like 6 tables, but plenty of people were stopping by for take-out too.

    A vast array of Hawaiian BBQ favorites like Kalbi shortribs, chicken, beef, and of course spam! All served in a styrofoam container with rice, cabbage, and mac salad or fries. Lots of meat in a serving, and most plates are 6.95 or less. Plenty of leftovers. No fountain drinks yet, but you could get canned and bottle soda and water. They also said they were adding smoothies in the near future.

    Can't wait to go back!

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      I concur. Great place. Avoid the chicken katsu. Its thin therefore, kind of dry.

    2. The Street Cook on Princess Anne, I think. It's been 10 years since I lived there, but I'm pretty sure it's still there. Great Mediterranean influenced food. Easy on the wallet, unpretentious and the wait staff are wonderful.

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        I can second this - hopefully they are still open and haven't changed too much. I know Chris, the original owner, died awhile back. And be aware they don't take credit cards.

      2. Hhhm, El Rey Taqueria on Chesapeake and Ocean View in Norfolk, Beach Bully on 19th and Mediterranean, The Taphouse in Hampton on Queens Way (completely unexpected quality from a bar, and their beer selection is top notch as well), Pho 79 on VB Blvd & Independence, Smoked from Above on Baxter Rd. & Independence, Kyushu on Witchduck just north of 264, Barrons Pub in P-town (I can only speak for the burgers, they're really good) and...I know there are more I just can't think of what they are right now.

        1. Princess Anne County Grill, in the VB Farmer's Market. Good homemade food, good specials, and friendly staff.
          Kyushu, On Newton Rd, between Virginia Beach BLVD and 264. Everything is great there

          1. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I thought I should divulge a few as well. I like Nat's Sports Bar at the beach. If you can handle the smoke and loud music or get it to go and eat at the beach. They have great burgers with homeade fries. Most of their items are good and fresh seafood and they have daily specials menu that changes monthly with great prices. Everything is homeade down to the salsa and the chunky blue cheese salad dressing -my favorite.

            Beach Pub for lunch is always packed, nothing fancy, nothing expensive about this place, stick to seafood and get something off of the specials menu it comes with a tea or lemonade and two sides and ask for a hushpuppies instead of a roll. Where else can you get a tasty seafood lunch for $5. Nick's Restaurant is also worth mentioning at the beach.