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Feb 12, 2008 04:11 PM

Good Casual Chinese in West Hollywood?

I can't find one of these either! Not a huge fan of Kung Pao China Bistro. My favorite so far is Pine Noodle House in the Beverly Connection but I hate dealing with the traffic/parking. Suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. As the lack of responses show, the answer to your title question is 'No." For that matter, ditto for Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, or anywhere between the 405 and 110.

    1. it's not authentic per se, but i like genghis cohen enough.

      1. If you're not looking for good Chinese -- by which I mean Chinese like you get in the San Gabriel Valley -- Genghis Cohen might be your best bet. It caters utterly to American tastes (meaning that things are sweet, brown and gloppy) but it's probably the best option.

        The only -- and I really do mean ONLY -- even reasonably authentic Chinese west of downtown is BBQ Unlimited #2 on Melrose and (I think) Van Ness. It's right by the 101. It is a Cantonese barbecue shop, so lots of barbecued duck and soy sauce chicken and cha shu, plus some decent Cantonese dishes.