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Feb 12, 2008 04:00 PM

Oahu near Hilton Hawaiian Village

I'm going to be staying at the hilton next week and I need some restaurant suggestions. I won't have a car so I need things to be relatively close or near public transportation. I'll be eating by myself most nights so I need places where you wouldn't feel weird getting a table for one.

I get in Sunday around 5 and I'm doing the Great Aloha Run on Monday. I need a place for dinner where I can just do a little carbo loading. Maybe get some simple pasta in preparation for the race?

On Monday, I need a place for lunch (after the race) and dinner.

I need just dinner places Tuesday-Thursday.

I'm a big sushi fan but I'm a little afraid of going to Sasabune since I can be a little picky and I'm not sure I'd hold up well to the sushi nazi. I love fish, pasta, veggie, Asian and pretty much everything except pork. Any suggestions?

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    1. Just back from Oahu and spent a few nights at HHV. Eggs -n- Things may be a good, post-run meal, get your protein from one of their giant omelets and carbs from their pancakes. That's a short walk from your hotel.

      For sushi, you could walk to Nobu and sit at the bar. Great sushi and sashimi, but expensive. Don't fear Sasabune, the Nazi tag is a misnomer. He did not put any wildly exotic dishes before us. Worth a cab ride.

      You can also walk to Roy's and that should be a definite dinner on your list. You could sit at the bar there too and watch the action in the kitchen.

      I blogged almost every calorie of my trip, so check it out or shoot me a reply if you want more details.

      Hope you run a PR and have some great meals too.


      1. Close to the Hawaiian Village is the Todai's on Ena Road. If you want to load up on carbs, you can do it there. They prepare fresh udon for you anyway you want it as well as having any kind of sushi you prefer. I've been to most of the Todai's here in LA as well as Hawaii and that one to me is the best for freshness and selection. Some people may not like buffet food but to each his own. Taste is subjective.

        1. Regarding sushi: there is a sushi bar in the Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant that is in Ala Moana Shopping Center. I've never eaten at the counter, so I can't vouch for it (and wouldn't recommend the buffet). It's within walking distance from your hotel and there's a shuttle

          The next mall over from Ala Moana is Ward Center. There's a sushi counter called Sushi Masa. I've personally had wonderful sushi there.

          Further down Kapiolani Blvd is Yanagi Sushi. Very good sushi and discounted late night menu.

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            A bit down the street from the Hilton about a block is KEO's which was truly great Thai Food, he grows some of his vegetables and herbs on his own farm on the north shore. The restaurant is open to street and the service was great, prices were not bad either.