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Feb 12, 2008 03:33 PM

Where to buy caviar AND accessories for serving/eating

Are there any places in LA that sell really good caviar? I've read that there are two producers in NorCal who farm & sell online. Petrossian has a shop in BH, but I've never been & don't know if their pricing is good. Any other suggestions?

I'd also like to get something to serve it on & the mother of pearl (or horn) spoons. I'm having a REALLY hard time finding those in LA! I guess it's the wrong time of year...


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  1. Assuming you want to buy the caviar in town and not online, Petrossian really is the best option here. Although it is expensive, the quality is reliable, and they also sell accoutrements.

    For caviar brands you can get online, I've tried Sterling, and it's good, but since I've never ordered it myself via the internet, I can't vouch for their shipping.

    1. Wally's has a selection of high-quality caviar and acoutrements. Don't know if they could be considered a value, but it's not like there is bargain Beluga anyway. Surfas probably has mother of pearl cavier spoons--probably.

      1. I have been disappointed at Petrossian--mushy, oily sevruga. Best, most reliable is the Bervery Hills Cheese Store. They demand the best quality, and they sell a lot.

        1. Best caviar serving gear you'll find in town is in Neiman Marcus, a Baccarat caviar bowl w/ mother pearl spoon. Around $500, IIRC.

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          1. re: RicRios

            The Baccarat caviar bowl is superfluous. You just need the mother of pearl spoons and mother of pearl shells. It's an elegant and classic, caviar service.

            1. re: maudies5

              Superfluous? God forbid!
              Paraphrasing and old the De Beers ad :
              "Food, shelter and Baccarat. All the rest is luxury."

              1. re: maudies5

                I sort of agree that the mother of pearl spoons are more "necessary" than the Baccarat crystal bowl.

                Of course, I could always use a plastic spoon - ugh!

                I'll see what they have in BH... Petrossian, NM & BH cheese store will be on my target list of stores for caviar & accessories...