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Feb 12, 2008 02:54 PM

Thai Aroma in Ellicott City

This is our go-to place for take-out when I don't feel like cooking. We had some take-out from there over the weekend, and I just felt the need (a la Warthog) to give them some props for always being consistently good. It's just basic Thai food done pretty well...I'm not saying that it's gourmet, but everything is always tasty and prepared as requested and we're never, ever disappointed. I think that one of the things that keeps us going back is that everyone there is uniformly nice and it's ALWAYS a pleasant experience when we order and when we go in to pick up our meal. Lately the dine-in section has been busy, which is a good sign...we used to worry because they were often empty, even on weekends.

They derserve to be busy, and I'm glad they're close by as there is a dearth of good take-out places on this side of town. I hope that they stick around for a long while!

Thai Aroma is in the Lotte Plaza on Rt 40, in case anyone was wondering.

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  1. That's good to hear, since they're about 5 minutes from me. I tried them when they first opened and was unimpressed, but I'm willing to give them another try. Is their curry good?

    1. My experience was similar to audrey's. I went in there shortly after they opened and was not only unimpressed, but found the food bland. It would be great to hear that they've improved. Of course, I no longer live nearby, so it doesn't really matter now, but I once had high hopes for them.

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        I THINK that they have had a change of ownership since they first any event, it might be worth another try, audrey. You can specify the spice level - we've had some mighty hot stufft. My husband likes the duck with green curry, and I usually end up getting something panang (SP?).
        Jon, you have Thai Arroy now anyway! :)

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          I actually work about 10 minutes away off of 108 and have always looked at the store front on my way in and out of Lotte Plaza - I will now have to try it!

      2. Decent shrimp pad thai. Get it from here whenever a craving strikes. Like siseuro said, they are consistent and friendly.

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          1. We tried Thai Aroma tonight instead of going all the way down to Bangkok Garden in Columbia like we usually do. Our impressions:

            Drunken noodle with pork - Very flavorful, spicy, huge portion with lots of veggies and basil. Noodles were soggy, but not greasy like Bangkok Garden often is. Thumbs up.
            Beef red curry - Good chunks of beef and veggies in bland, watery sauce. Bangkok Garden wins this one by a mile. Thumbs down.
            Crispy shrimp - My husband got talked into this one. Large shrimp with light fried coating in a sweet sauce that made it soggy, along with green beans, carrots, red peppers and lots of basil. One thumb up, I guess.

            I'd go back, but I'm going to stick with noodles and other dishes and avoid the curry. They are certainly improved from when they opened.

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            1. re: little audrey

              Thanks for reporting back! I'm sorry that you had a thumbs-down curry experience though. I usually don't order the curry so I can't compare, but my husband always specifies SPICY and I don't think he's been disappointed. Maybe next time you could tell them to spice it up for you.
              Where is Bangkok Garden?

              1. re: sistereurope

                Bangkok Garden is at the Oakland Mills village center in Columbia. Their panang curry is about the best I've had anywhere, and it would be hard for anyone else to measure up, but Thai Aroma's curry, while spicy, had almost no curry flavoring to me. IMO the whole room should smell like curry when you're eating curry :-)

                I did like the noodles very much, and I will get that again. They were also generous with rice, which Bangkok Garden tends to be stingy with for some reason.