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Feb 12, 2008 02:31 PM

Hastings, MN: tasty & inexpensive eats?

Going for a couple days R&R. Seeking dining recommendations that align with my goals of relaxing, not dressing up, minimizing car time, and gentle on the pocketbook. TIA

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My first thought when I read this was the House of Coates, which is within 10 miles of Hastings, very quick trip (not sure how minimal you wnt your car time to be)
      Read about it here.

      House of Coates
      16300 Clayton Ave E, Rosemount, MN

      1. Here's someone who liked their meal at the Mississippi Belle in 2006:

        And perhaps the Levee Cafe is still around - I haven't eaten there, but here's a link to their dinner menu (which doesn't look particularly cheap, unless you have a burger).

        Otherwise, I don't think there's much in Hastings itself. There's a Culver's if you like fast-food custard and butterburgers...

        Would a drive to Hudson be too much car time? If not, you could check out the places mentioned in this thread:

        Have a nice time!


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          One more thought: An old bakery thread mentioned Emily's Bakery, which seems to be still there and is also a deli (soup & sandwiches). You would be doing a noble deed for us bakery addicts if you went there and reported on your experience.


          1. re: AnneInMpls

            I'll second the recommendation of Hudson, specifically Confluence. The scene of one of my best meals of 2007 featuring vanilla-poached Halibut.

            Looks like they currently have reduced winter hours- Thur-Sat only.


            Link below mentions some recent changes in the kitchen at Confluence:


            1. re: shinmn

              Whoa! We don't know how far Enso is traveling to get to Hastings, but Hudson IS NOT 'minimizing car time''s 40 minutes away, might as well go to the Cities.

              Confluence, however, is in Prescott(not Hudson), which could qualify as close, but not easy on the wallet. Take a right after the bridge, storefront on the right.

              1. re: DaKing

                Oops! Yeah, Prescott is the town I meant. Sorry about that, and thanks for the correction.


          2. I grew up in Hastings. The Levee is decent. Probably the best place in town. Mississippi Belle is another option, but not fantastic. I think their pizzas are interesting.

            Spiral Pizza is a delivery only place but it is a good local place.

            Other than that you have chains, chains, and more chains. There was a couple of fancy places downtown, the Red Feather or something. I don't believe it is open any longer but there may be something new in that location.

            Las Margaritas is on the main drag and isn't terrible. I wouldn't call it particularly authentic but it isn't taco bell either.

            Try "The Block" it is a deli/butcher. I've heard great things about their meat quality but I haven't had any of their food.