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Feb 12, 2008 02:29 PM

Dry Curd Cottage Cheese?

Hoping you all can help...I'm Polish, and growing up we used to eat homemade cheese blintzes and pierogis made with dry curd cottage cheese. In Ohio, I recall it was readily available around Lent (and could be found from time to time throughout the year) in the grocery stores. But, I can't seem to find it here, and I have really been dying to make blintzes. I'm in the Old Town area and hopefully don't want to drive too far to get it - but I may, depending on how bad I want them! So - has anyone seen it anywhere?? Help!

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  1. Have you tried Wegmans? It would probably be worthwhile to call first before you trek out to the store. Hope you find what you're looking for!

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      Never thought about Wegmans. Great idea...will def. call first!

    2. I have no experience with dry curd cottage cheese, but could the same effect be had by plopping regular cottage cheese into a strainer or colander, rinsing off the cream, and letting it dry off? Granted, that may not be the most cost-efective option, and the waste of any food may go against one's frugal instincts, but it may be more economical in the big picture than a long journey by car to find "the real thing".

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      1. re: Warthog

        No, that doesn't really work, as the curds retain the moisture inside and/or dry out unevenly.

        As to the question, I have not seen the kind of dry curd cottage cheese in supermarkets here like we used to have in Indiana, either from the farm or in supermarkets. The only place I have gotten it is from a vendor at the Arlington farmers' market--who, unfortunately, is no longer there. Gee, do I miss that guy and his milk and cheese cheese.

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          I live in Maryland, so I can't tell you specific places to get dry curd cottage cheese in Virginia. However, here, you can find it at Giant supermarkets in areas with a significant Jewish population. Actually, what they carry is Farmer's cheese, which IMHO is better for making blintzes than dry cottage cheese.

        2. re: Warthog

          All cottage cheese starts out as dry curd. Then dairies add cream to it because most customers won't buy the dry curd variety. I live in Virginia, like dry curd best, and have been unable to find dry curd - except at farmers' markets. Field of Grace farms (Remington, Virginia), sells dry curd, made from milk from Jersey cows.

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            I had forgotten about Fields of Grace, since the curd is a bit different from regular cottage cheese. He comes to the Arlington market even in the winter.

            1. re: bacchante

              gosh, i'd love to try fresh cottage cheese! will check them out.

        3. Trader Joe's has fresh Ricotta which, while not the same, may be an acceptable substitute as it is much drier than the Supermarket Ricottas. Just a thought.

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            Try the Russian Gourmet on Slater's Lane in Old Town. They have tons of different kids of cottage and farmer's cheese.

            1. re: nissenpa

              I actually drove by there this evening on the way back from Rustico and wondered if they would have something that would suffice...I'll plan on stopping in! Thanks!

          2. I buy farmer's cheese at the MacGruder's in Kemp Mill. I imagine it is very close to dry curd cottage cheese and they have it year round. The non-fat stuff is amazing--it tastes great and is very low cal. I use it in tons of recipes including savory dishes (like saag paneer) and sweet dishes (like pies). Call the MacGruder's in VA to see if they stock it. If not, you are looking at a 35 minutes ride. Also, there is a Polish sausage and take-out place in Rockville--they might have it.

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            1. re: Super Salad

              is it in a tub in same place as cottage cheese? or a plastic package?

            2. I was doing my Chow dilligence b searching the threads before posting, but I cannot find uses for Dry Curd Cottage Cheese. I bought some last night to add to a vegetable korma - with moderate success. Added protein was what I needed Roberts Dairy (KC,MO) is our supplier.

              What else can I make with it? I love the pierogis idea....

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              1. re: stellamystar

                other than the cheese pierogis and the blintzes, i think thats the only two things both of my polish grandmothers made...but they are both super delicious! might be good in pancakes (subbing for ricotta), other pastries...hmm

                btw i still haven't found it, but i stopped looking really hard anyways. the cheese guy at whole foods looked at me like i was nuts when i asked about it. i know it will pop up somewhere!

                1. re: stellamystar

                  if it is dry curd you can also make a cheese out of it my grandmother was german and she made what they called smearcase or what we call cooked cheese with caraway seeds in it . I now make the same but can not find the dry curd cottage cheese so I use reg. cottage cheese and let it drip dry and use that. Also what they sell in stores that they call farmers cheese its the product from dry curd you cook the dry curd and it produces farmers cheese.