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Feb 12, 2008 01:58 PM

Is the World Trade Center Bar open?

MANY years ago, we used to go here for a drink on a pretty day to enjoy the view. I remember they had a weird appetizer plate that was mostly celery and carrots that made us laugh. Is it still open?

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  1. Well, the Plimsoll Club is going strong (I was the hostess there before I left town 18 months ago).

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    1. re: bronwen

      So it's members only now? That's too bad....

      1. re: CEfromLA

        The Plimsoll Club is different from the bar you were thinking of. The PC is on the top floor of the actual building, but the bar - formerly the Top of the Mart - was in the revolving round area above that. At some point in the late 90s, it was remodeled, and became (I think) Club360, or something along those lines. To my knowledge, the bar never became a members only spot. I'm not sure what it is now, but I don't think it's currently open.

        1. re: Burgoober

          Correct. Not sure if it's open now, but its last incarnation was Club 360. I enjoyed going there for the revolving views, until the time I went with some friends and they stopped it revolving so that the people behind the VIP rope "could have the best view." Nevermind that it was a fixed view for the rest of the night (what's the fun of that?) and that all the non VIPs (those of us who weren't call girls or conventioneers from Peoria suckered into paying $30 for VIP treatment) were essentially robbed of the only experience that makes that place worthwhile. Not to mention, who's to say the view up Canal Street is the best view? Lame. I won't go back unless I hear it's under new management.

          1. re: HalfShell

            I read awhile back that someone bought the panelling and so forth. "Why?" I asked myself--it was god-awful. then again, such kitsch touches the heart somehow. Besides, when I was in college it was a great place to take a date...always worked for me.

          2. re: Burgoober

            Wasn't it called Ray's on the River at one point?

            1. re: Carrolltonsnob

              No Ray's is on a different floor. also knows as view

      2. Yeah, I remember those appetizer plates were pretty pathetic. But what the heck, we were on for the ride!