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krug pairing for a vegetarian

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well, it's time for the valentine's day pairing advice threads to start.

for mine, i would like to humbly request help from the wise chowhounders about a valentine's day dinner with a bottle of krug grand cuvee.

i started my planning from the end of the meal with this: http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/produc...

really some of the best chocolate out there, and a girlfriend favorite. but now i need to figure out a simple menu (we're off to the symphony, so don't have a ton of time to cook) that will either go well with the champagne, or at the very least not get in the way of the champagne and truffles to come.

but the tricky part is i need a vegetarian menu. i've seen lots of good recommendations on the board for fish and whatnot with krug, but couldn't find any for a vegetarian menu. any thoughts?

thanks in advance for helping...

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  1. High end mac and cheese (not too sharp cheese, more on the nutty creamy tip) and a avocado and cress salad to start. Or a new girlfriend who will eat fish.

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      Well, if she eats fish, why not caviar? Heck, if she isn't vegan and eats chicken eggs, why not caviar?

    2. How about mushroom risotto as the main, with a nice salad? Or tempura fried portabella mushroom strips as the main, with veggie spring rolls as the side? I think either would go well with the Krug, but then, I find it to be fairly food-friendly!

      1. For an app, how about takeout vegetarian sushi from a new wave sushi bar?

        For a main, I keep on returning to bread, cheese and mushrooms. Porcini-stuffed ravioi. Fettucini with mushrooms and cream. Pizza of some sort. Years ago, one of The Stupids posted a recipe for an amazing thin crust pizza topped with, IIRC, caramelized onions, paper thin slices of Yukon Golds tossed with olive oil and chopped rosemary, raclette cheese and wild mushrooms. While they probably didn't recommend serving it with champers, I can't imagine it not working, especially with a wine as substantial as the Krug. If you're interested in the recipe, I'll see if I can locate it.

        1. Rather than suggesting some dishes, I'll give you some ingredients with which you can concoct some dishes, and/or add to those you're already -planniing: Asparagus, Berries, Coconut (& coconut milk), walnuts, and if you're lacto-vegan, 2 great cheeses with "champagne": Chevre and Havarti,.

          1. Really delicious with Champagne in general and Krug, specifically, is the Provençal Pizza known as Pissaladière Niçoise: caramelized onions, grated swiss cheese, anchovies and pitted Niçoise olives. If she thinks she doesn't like anchovies, omit them, but then you're going to need to salt the onions fairly heavily. Or you could use some anchovy paste, for the taste without the little critters sitting up on top.

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              If your vegans will tolerate seafood then this opens up a whole new dimension for the meal, but then when do we stop being vegetarians ?

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                Champagne is near and dear to my heart and I drink way more than my fair share and my favorite things to eat with them are snacks! Go for decadent...chips, cheese pizza, egg salad sandwiches...think creamy, rich and salty...if you could hook up some french fries you would be seriously dreamy!

              2. all excellent comments. thanks so much for the suggestions.

                and, erm...i'm actually the vegetarian, not her. and not that it makes her a vegetarian, i just don't really cook meat. i suppose i could, i just don't know much about it. last time i cooked meat, i served a whole youth group the pinkest chicken they'd ever seen...

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                  Anything fried works: French fries (especially with a gourmet ketchup), tempura vegetables, etc.
                  Most salty things work: caviar, nuts, potato chips,etc.
                  Many things with fat work, like soft perfectly ripe cheeses, butter
                  Mushrooms work well, like oyster and chanterelle mushrooms, but truffles work also.
                  Toasted bread things, like toast points, toasted baguette slices, crackers, brioche, pair well with the toastiness in the champagne. Use these as a base for other flavors.
                  Little touches of citrus work: lemon zest, orange peel.
                  Delicate green things can add a note: cucumber, a touch of tarragon, celery
                  A tiny touch of heat works: a tiny touch of wasabi, horseradish, powdered mustard, etc.; as in sushi, horseradish cream sauce, etc.
                  An aged Champagne (about 10-20 years) can take on foods with bigger flavors.
                  Rose Champagne can take on slightly heartier fare than regular champagne. Two of my favorite rose pairings were rare roast beef with horseradish cream sauce [but you could do a simple roasted potato as a vegetarian option] and chiles en nogades, a vegetarian rice and walnut stuffed poblano chile served with a walnut cream sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

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                    Um, yeah, I think this about covers it. Nice list, Maria. I'll have to try the rare roast beef and horseradish cream with rosés.

                    Just one addition: eggs, in the form of tortilla española, quiche lorraine sans bacon, or frittata, etc.

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                      Oh dear, Maria Lorraine, where were you when there were wonderful fresh poblanos at our market in the fall???? Chiles en nogades with Rose Champagne??? That sounds heavenly... Now I'll have to go back and read "Like Water For Chocolate" (just in time for Valentine's) and plot the meal in the fall when the poblanos return... oh the anticipation.... wonder if I can get them anywhere now???