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Feb 12, 2008 01:38 PM

Panamanian Cuisine

Does anyone know if there any restaurants specializing in food from Panama in the bay area?

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  1. Closest thing to Panamanian Cuisine I know of in the Bay Area is Rinconcito

    Rinconcito Colombiano
    2306 Almaden Rd, San Jose, CA 95125

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    1. re: Scott M

      Do you mean food-wise or geographic proximity of countries? ;-)

    2. I'm actually quite curious what particular dishes you might be looking for; I travel to Panama every two or three months and other than grilled corvino, haven't had anything specific to Panama. Is there something I'm missing (especially since I am flying down again the week after next?)

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      1. I am from Panama, and have not found a resturant close yet. I usually just make the dishes I grew up with and seek out Covina when they have it at Montery Market.

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        1. re: gatun

          Threw me for a second, you mean Monterey Fish Market. Gatun, catchy name, my cousin is a scientist on Barrio Colorado in Lake Gatun.

          1. re: wolfe

            Yes I meant to write Montery Fish. I know Barrio Colorado well, we had many field trips out there. We would take a train to Friojoles and then a boat. The never ending stairs to get to the top. .