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Dec 8, 2001 07:01 AM

Indian iced cream store

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I remember a post about a place that serves Indian iced cream but no search of Indian or iced or cream brings it up. Can anyone tell me the name. I am hoping to go there today. Thanks

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  1. Perhaps you were thinking of Mashti Malones in Hollywood on La Brea?

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      1. re: Just Larry

        Larry, I hope you'll post a report. Mashti Malone's is, of course, not Indian at all--it's Persian. And glorious. With the friendliest owners in the world. How proud they are of their appearance on the Food Network! And soon, I was told last night, they may open a second shop--in Glendale or West Los Angeles.

        1. re: Samo

          make sure when you go there to get the ice cream sandwiches between two round, flat pieces of wafers.
          much better than in a cup or cone. the ginger rosewater ice cream is pretty good. and i must admit i heard of this place before, but i only tried the 1st because of very good notices on chowhounds.

    1. Speaking of opening a store in Glendale, Mashti Malone's ice cream sandwiches are available at the Baklava bakery in the mini-mall next to Zankou chicken on Colorado in Glendale -- I think it's called Baklava Factory and has excellent pastries as well.

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        Cool. You can also get Mashti ice cream products in Santa Monica, at Teheran Market on Wilshire and 14th, north side of the street, and in west Los Angeles, at Star Market, on Santa Monica west of Bundy, on the south side of the street, right near Smart & Final.