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Feb 12, 2008 01:34 PM

Marisco's German -- Ay, que rico! A Mariscos Mecca in SD

My belly is full, and my heart is happy.

There is something about warm, sunny weather that just makes me instantly yearn for seafood of anykind. Does anyone else get citrus blessed seafood cravings like this when heat strikes?

So, initally my plan was to get Pescado Zarandeado at La Costa de Nayarit which is a block east of Cocina on University. I swung by but it looked really slow so I decided to pass and check out Imperial's Mariscos scene, which I have been meaning to do.

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the Mariscos German truck that I have noticed in passing maybe every other time I hit Cocina.

It is at the corner of 35th and University parked in the Market Place parkinglot. You cannot miss it if its there. There is a tarp covering set over two long tables and chairs.

Put simply, the menu is an incredible example of some of the more intriguing Mexican seafood preparations - not seen often north of the border.

I will include the full menu in a later post.

I ordered:

-- A fish taco (well, it goes without saying why)
-- Gobernadores - a taco usually only found south of the border - shrimp with cheese and roasted chile strips
-- Smoked Marlyn taco - One of Baja's, Sinaloa's culinary gifts to the Mexican cuisine.

You will be then asked if you want soup with your tacos - say yes!

I sat down under the cool tarp at the communal table, with the rays of sun light basking around us. There were a friendly trio of workers at my table and next to us, two girlfriends chatting in Spanish over lunch.

I was called over about 12 minutes later (its all cooked fresh to order as the sign says). When I took my first look at my three tacos as I set them down - it caused me to loose breath in the joy of the sight of the abundantly filled tacos.

I was in most anticipation of the smoked marlin - which I have never have had but have heard a lot about. The red smoked meat was as my neighbor described it almost "Marlin carnitas" like. Charry, smokey. I loved it paired with the restrained melted cheese. This is a great taco -

My favorite by far though was the mojo de ajo (garlic and cracked pepper oil fried) shrimp with the chile strips and cheese. OMG freaking amazing. What stood out foremost was the care took in cooking the shrimp. Not even a touch overcooked, gentle bite, and very sweet. add garlic, pepper, cheese and chiles - your heart melts.

The fish taco - was probably among the top three I have sampled south of El Taco Nazo in LA. I liked the oregano and spices in the yellow batter - but I wished it had been slightly crisper. It was indeed handmade. I will give it a shot again.

I even noticed extremely nice woman cook looking out checking if I liked the food.
This place is extraordinary.

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  1. Photos man, we need photos :-D

    Cristina took me to a place in Guadalajara that made without a doubt the best fish tacos I have ever had anywhere. It was on a street corner and the place had a life of it's own...complete with entertainment. I know this isn't the same but it sure sounds like it's worth the investment of some time and effort. How much did your feast set you back?

    BTW, Oceanaire Seafood Room has, on occasion, offered smoked marlin as an appetizer

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Darn, I know! I am sorry I didnt take any - I checked my camera on the backseat and the batteries were out.

      It cost 8.75, but it was worth every penny. I seriously thought ordered the wrong thing because I could not see the tacos for the tortillas (literally - the filling was more than generous, almost covering the tortillas). The fish tacos are 1.25. Gobernadores & Marlyn are 3.75 each. The Marlyn had almost that reddish cha shu (Chinese BBQ Pork) hue.

      I guess we need another chowdown to get full documentation from Alice and Josh!

      1. re: kare_raisu

        is this truck there everyday? is it cash only? i want to go for lunch today..but want to know more details. i don't want to drive out there and not find it!

        1. re: imafattyfoodie

          It will be there - bring cash. Just east of the 805 on University in the Market place parking lot on the south side of the st.

    2. Oh man Kare, you make everything sound so good. I guess we have to go there, order exactly what you ordered, and see for ourselves!!

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      1. re: epicureous eggplant

        Definitely! What's cool is when they give you the soup as a taco side, it comes in a styrofoam cup with the shrimp whiskers sticking out from the little chile red sea inside.

      2. Hey KR - Is this the truck? I was wondering about it.

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        1. re: KirkK

          thats it. they have two other loncheras and a restaurant. let me know if you want the addresses. this truck is bomb - they have been in business since 1982! I can understand why.

        2. The girl who took my order saw me transcribing out the menu on the back of my homework I took to do while I waited. So she called me over and handed me a menu.

          They have:
          -foot of the mule
          - Fish
          - 7 mares
          - Gratin"-ated' clam
          - Prepared Clam

          -pescado 1.25
          -cameron 2.25
          - Mariscada (SF mix) 3.75 for rest of tacos (except plancha - $2)
          - Gob
          - Marlyn
          - Pulpo Mexicano
          -almeja a la mexicana (clams in the mexican style)
          - cayo (scallop)
          - Fish in mojo de ajo
          - camaron ajo
          -camaron encebollado
          -camaron a la plancha
          -Camaron Quesadilla
          >>Tostadas & Ceviches
          -Agua chile

          1. Dang Alex, you can make my mouth water like no one else! I've never seen this truck but I'm on the lookout now! Thanks for the report!