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Feb 12, 2008 01:03 PM

Sorriso - Short Review

Tried Sorriso the other day, not knowing anything about the place, nor having read any reviews.

The menu is described as tapas style, and runs from 6$ to 20$ per dish. Great selection of dishes covering fresh seafood, game, more traditional Italian fare as well.

We tried the plate of grilled sausages, which were distinct, flavourful, and a good sized portion. The Porcini risotto was very good, perfect consistency with plenty of porcini. The star dish was the wild boar ragu served over polenta. Definitely a step up from the typical College street bistro.

Of particular note was the service. The owner was effusively friendly, and completely focussed on making sure the guests enjoyed themselves, comping the odd beverage and offering samples of the wines when asked about them. I'll be back.

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  1. I like Sorriso too...tried it by accident....soups are great and Fettucini Alfredo was stellar...agree with the service....liked ambiance....Miranda

    1. Thanks for the review! I walk by it all the time (I live in the area) and have never had the chance to check it out. I'll definitely include it now in my "must try" list since it would be great to find a neighbourhood spot that bucks the typical College Street trend of "all looks but no substance".

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        Il Sorriso
        588 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B3, CA

        1. I live near by and have only been once...I had what they advertised as the best Ceasar salad in town and it was o.k. but what I really enjoyed was the fried zuchinni blossoms. A nice change from the cookie cutter Italian fare that exists on College.