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Feb 12, 2008 12:59 PM

Some food updates in various bits of London

Hello there,

Sooo as I sit here broke (and I mean broke) after far too many nights out in a row (5) I will give a rough food update. Alright, the pre-filled arepa (like no filled arepa I've seen before) at Las Americas in Brixton is awesome. I ordered one after I saw someone clean the place out of them (he bought 20+), causing them to make a fresh batch fast. Really good! A Guyanese cart down the block (Brixton Station Rd) serves up mediocre chicken curry and rotis. The cooking is actually done by a Liberian and while he's very friendly that doesn't make up for the food or prices (which I suspect he invented.) Bush Man Kiosk has some solid Jamaican food while the Portugese place across the street has OK Portugese food at very low (for London. 5 quid or so for an entree) prices. The fish monger a few stores to the right of the very nice Portugese deli along the el tracks sells oysters for 65p each and they're very fresh (at least on Saturdays. He gets them in on Fridays.) I've been getting a few of them and opening/eating them as I shop lately. The Portugese bread cart magically dissapeared, unfortunately. The abgoosht at Mohsen is absolutely first class and might as well have come out of an Iranian mother's kitchen. Sabuj Bangla actually has solid commendable Bengali food, but I am 90% sure that they charge South Asians and non South Asians different prices so be wary.



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  1. "The abgoosht at Mohsen is absolutely first class and might as well have come out of an Iranian mother's kitchen. "

    you are soul brother number 1. as b'bay beauty said, if we only we knew what you know at your tender age ..

    we missed you at a rollicking dinner - if the food was a tad less than great, the company more than made up for it. i suggest moti mahal for the next go around - email me your free times this week and i'll check with bb and the limster. any chowhounds reading are welcome to join, email me at

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      We went to Mohsen on Sunday. Abgoosht was excellent. The chicken was excellent.

      Interestingly, we noticed some parallels between abgoosht and some Mexican food. The meat itself was very similar to (of all things!) a Mexican dish known as "barbacoa". The red broth, if spiced up and tweaked with oregano, would not be all that different from the broth that goes in another Mexican dish, "pozole". Lastly, what was in the mash-like part of the dish?

      On a rather different note, any Thai restaurants you folks would recommend? Central (i.e. not too far from W2) is better, but we'd also be happy to travel a bit farther if strong recs arise.

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        I believe there's some place out in Norwood Junction that's worth a quick train ride. Mantanah.

        1. re: D Hound

          I'm veeery familiar with barbacoa (and all the glories of Mexico... ok not all, but what filters through to Jackson Heights.)

          The mash like part is usually a mixture of beans, some of the chicken and a variety of vegetables which changes by cook.

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            Addie's Thai Cafe in Earls Court is quite good, though they wanted to unleash some Muay Thai on me when I showed up late for my reservation.

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              There's a good discussion about London Thai in the above thread, I think that folks on this board have good knowledge where Thai food is concerned in terms of people having spent time in Thailand and been exposed to the cuisine in greater depth and breadth.

              No-one has found anywhere outstanding as yet but there are some solid enough options and a few places left to explore, I still plan to check out Esarn Kheaw (in Shepherds Bush) which sounds promising.

              1. re: oonth

                Yeah, I never made it to Esarn Kheaw. I catered the last Muay Thai social (ever do 10 courses of Thai food in about an hour? Don't.) so Addie's was our last group restaurant for a bit. Given that, Addie's is quite good, though the portions are microscopic and God help you if you're late for your reservation when the restaurant is virtually empty and stays empty all night.

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              We apologize for interrupting the chowtalk, but since Howler has already posted his email contact, we request that the logistics for arranging chowdowns be done on email rather than on this board. That way, we can focus on using this board to share chow information about UK/Ireland. Thanks!

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