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Feb 12, 2008 12:48 PM

Restaurant Week

Where is everyone going for restaurant week? Suggestions???

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  1. I've narrowed it down to aigre doux and onesixty blue. Does anyone have any advice for deciding between those two? And any tips on what to order?

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    1. re: Boogles04

      They are both great choices. I've loved everything I've had at both places. If you go to Aigre Doux, don't miss the sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

    2. We are going to Naha. I haven't been before, so I am pretty excited. I am jazzed that there is finally a restaurant week in Chicago!

      1. All sound like good options! I'm excited too! I might try out Sushi Samba rio!

        1. ha, we're going to Aigre Doux and Naha :) I'm praying that they have the sticky toffee pudding on Aigre Doux's menu. Since I've moved to the states I've only been able to find one good version of it and that was in Jamie Kennedy's in Canada!

          I was between onesixtyblue and Aigre Doux as well Boogles04. I chose aigre doux because i've heard a few mixed reviews about the place. onesixtyblue has stellar reviews across the board, so i'll definitely be willing to pay the big bucks for it at some point in the future. Aigre Doux's somewhat mixed reviews make me nervous to do a full $$$ dinner there, so that's why i chose to do it for restaurant week. We chose Naha as it isn't on the top of my (very long list), so again, why not go when it's a lot cheaper. That pushes it up to the top, right? :)

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          1. re: amyandphil

            Thanks for the reminder for Aigre Doux!

            1. re: Lilya

              Came back from the Aigre Doux's Restaurant Week prix fixe last night after much anticipation, but was sadly disappointed.

              Went with the haricot vert soup and the short rib. The soup was a nice puree, with a fresh bright color. The peekytoe crab had a sharp curry infusion that contrasted well on the first few tastes, but could not hold the punch throughout. The table bread with a strong cheesy crust, was great for soaking up some of the soup, but would of served better warmed.

              The short rib also could not live up to the restaurant's hype. Was expecting a powerful contrast between the sweet potato puree and the short rib sauce to live up to the restaurant's namesake, but it left nothing overly spectacular to remember.

              The dessert proved to be a nice recovery for the night, the chocolate malted with a homemade kit-kat. The cup of chocolate had a perfect brulee creamy yet firm texture and a nice bittersweet bite. The kit-kat was very good too, but left for some melted choco fingerprints on the white linen.

              The wine-flight accompaniment for $20 had a nice white burgundy to go with the soup. Overall, the service was nothing too special. It seemed as though they wanted to turn the prix fixe tables over quickly, even though there were still a good amount of empty tables in the restaurant. The prix fixe items seemed "too prepared before-hand" and portions looked noticeably smaller than entries coming off the regular menu (think Visa commercial). Water glasses were not refilled and the waitress felt a bit distanced.

              I had great expectations going into Sunday's dinner, reinforced by some of the awesome reviews here. Hopefully my experience was due just to the fact that it was Restaurant week. However, if Chicago is planning on making this an annual tradition, restaurants are going to step it up a bit to compete against well established weeks like in D.C.

              1. re: SkinnyChef

                Thanks for the review Skinny. I have a reservation there on wednesday night, but after the report I'm not so amped. A group of us went to Naha on Saturday night and had a better experience. I started with a cured trout with caviar and brioche, which had a really clean flavor. Great starter. Then had the quail with bacon and polenta. This was pretty good, not outstanding. The quail was a little dry, but the concept was right up my alley. The pineapple tart with almond ice cream and coconut shavings was really good. I'm not a huge coconut fan and I really enjoyed it.

                I'd have to say that the service was really solid and I felt that we were taken care of as we should have been. No real drop-off as far as that's concerned. I wouldn't rush back to Naha, as it didn't compare to Blackbird, Spring, Schwa, and One-sixty Blue in terms of other restaurants in that price range. Granted, the quality could have been down a little bit due to restaurant week pricing.

                That was my 3rd restaurant visit for the two restaurant weeks and I'd have to say that I'm pretty pleased overall. Oceanique in Evanston was by-far the best. Everything, from the service to each dish was excellent. For instance, my girlfriend wanted a cheese plate instead of dessert, which I gladly said I would pay a surcharge for. Not only did I not get charged extra, but also she got one of the best cheese plates she had ever had (I tried a lot of it and it was great). That was my first time traveling to Evanston for a meal, but it certainly won't be my last thanks to Oceanique. That really should be the goal of restaurant week: to get people to return to spend more money.

                1. re: chucktowneater

                  We also went to Naha on Saturday. I agree with your review entirely. Although I had the risotta, which was very good, my husband has the quail and he echoed your review. Both desserts were wonderful and we enjoyed the second/comped dessert as well...we were fighting over the grapefruit/lime mini-tart. The service was fantastic as well.

                  However, I don't know if I would be rushing back either. While it was a great deal at $31...I feel that I would have been really disappointed if I paid $70-$80 for that same meal. The portion of caviar was appropriate for the restaurant week price, but I had a hard time finding it at first as it was about a thumbnail portion. Same with the risotto...while wonderful, very small portions.

                  I would be curious to find out if these portions are equal for the rest of the year. Because if the goal was the provide a sampling of what the restaurant prepares, I would go back. If the goal is to provide dishes off of the menu at a discounted price...I wouldn't go back.

          2. I just can't believe that I'm out of town. Now that I'm finally in the loop regarding where to get the best food.. I'm on vacation while the great deals are going on!! At least I'll be enjoying wood-fired pizza in Colorado; I can hold my head a little higher.

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            1. re: Katherine_84f

              I highly recommend Sepia for everyone who hasn't been there yet. They opened last summer and I really like it. They feature a lot of food you won't find everywhere (i.e., organic ingredients, free range chicken, and heirloom tomatoes). The food and atmosphere are great. It is just west of the loop maybe a block south of Randolph. We did have to wait a little bit but not too bad. We also have had Sunday brunch there which was a little pricey but very good.

              1. re: lawn boy

                Sepia isn't one of the Restaurant Week participants, according to the website.