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Dec 7, 2001 07:31 PM


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Any recommendations on good Ethiopian food in Los Angeles?

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  1. Have you tried Nyala, on Fairfax? I've been a couple times and I really enjoyed it. The meat and veggie combos are good for trying a little bit of everything. The atmosphere is quite nice as well, and the prices pretty low. (hmmm, i'm getting hungry for ethiopian)

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    1. re: Monique L

      Fairfax Avenue between Olympic and Pico must have half a dozen Ethiopian places. Nyala is the most user friendly for first-timers (many instructions and explanations on the menu), and also quite good. I think Messob is the best, especially their flavorful lentils and shiro. I usually go for a veggie combo with a side of plain shiro. I avoid Merkado as I've found the meat there gristly and don't think it lives up to the other two.

      1. re: SKU

        Because it's a drive to get to Fairfax, I've taken to making Ethiopian at home sometimes. Berber paste lasts a long time in the fridge, and I think my yessimir wot is even better than the restaurants :) The problem is that I can't make the Injera (spongy pancake-like bread) without teff. Can anyone tell me where to find teff in the Los Angeles area?

        1. re: Joy

          I've seen teff at the Safeway here in Alexandria, VA. If there are Ethiopians in your community, there is probably an Ethiopian market nearby, and they should have it.

          It takes three days to make injera, so plan ahead!

        2. re: SKU

          Wow, I love Merkato, but I think it's because they have this really wonderful dish of tripe, liver, and beef--it makes me happy and my mouth fiery.