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Feb 12, 2008 12:37 PM

Best Comfort Food?

Just wanted everyone to list their best restaurants serving some great comfort food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner doesn't matter. I have seen restaurants such as Good Enough to Eat, Eatery, Clinton Street (Been there), Cafeteria, Prune thrown about here. Also your fried chicken joints in Harlem like Amy Ruths, Charles Southern, etc. Looking for some more restaurants to add to the list.

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  1. Anything at Square Meal - and the desserts are particularly wonderful.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      MMRuth..are you sure you're not the chef at Square Meal? ;)

      Just kidding...but I don't think I ever seen someone recommend a restaurant as frequently as you've been recently recommending Square Meal!

      I'll have to get there soon to see what it's all about :)


      1. re: TipsyMcStagger

        Ha! I was just thinking that myself yesterday - it has just seemed the appropriate "answer" to a number of posts.

        I really like it, and am so pleased to have truly good food in such close proximity to me (i.e., across the street!) that I can't help myself!! It looks expensive when you look at the prices on the menu, but w/ BYOB, we always are able to have a great meal for under $100, which is quite an achievement in the area.

      1. Pink Teacup for breakfast: fried eggs, salmon croquettes & grits with a giant pat of butter on them. My arteries are closing as I type.

        Also Old Devil Moon for huevos rancheros.

        1. Lexington Candy Store. Workable and decent, cheap burger; sandwiches and divine home-made Cole Slaw. Co-Owner John's slaw is more sweet, co-Owner Bob adds more vinegar to his. I prefer Bob's - as does Paul McCartney, for whatever that is worth. Only restaurant in the region serving Coca-Cola like they did 100 years ago: adding the special secret syrup to the glass and then soda water. Omelets are mediocre.

          1. Blue side dishes, Nolita House