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Feb 12, 2008 12:35 PM

Sides for Broiled Duck Break w/Orange Chipotle Sauce

Attempting first duck at home using this recipe:

Suggestions for sides and wine pairing would be appreciated. Also, dessert? THX

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  1. Cumin mashed potatoes with fresh cilantro.

    Steamed baby bok choy.

    For dessert, a citrus salad with grapefuit, blood orange and meyer lemon segments, tossed with orange blossom honey, garnished with chiffonade of basil or mint.

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    1. re: Non Cognomina

      Thanks for the suggestions; obviously I meant duck breast - no break or beak!!!! Any who, how much cumin should I add? Sounds delish - love cilantro.

      1. re: sillysully

        A little cumin goes a long way, so I'd start with 1/8 tsp to about 2 cups of mashed potatoes to start. You can always add more if you like, .

      2. re: Non Cognomina

        Yes, that about sums it up. For wine, since you are competing with heat, sugar and acid, I can only suggest sweeter Gewurztraminer.

      3. Roasted parsnips with crunchy fried shallots, sauteed spinach, roasted brussel sprout slaw, shoestring sweet potato fries with chili dusting. for wine, Riesling or Gewurz, possibly a rose champagne.

        1. I've cooked that very duck recipe before -- it's terrific.

          The last time I served this particular dish, I served it with the following:

          Oysters Rockefeller and champagne

          Cauliflower soup with seared scallops, lemon oil and caviar
          Crusty potato cake (like a galette)
          sauteed Brussels sprouts with fried capers

          All recipes are on the epicurious site, except the Brussels sprouts, which is right here on Chowhound.

          The menu was designed specifically for one very special and rare bottle of wine, so unfortunately I can't really offer assistance in that department...