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Feb 12, 2008 12:35 PM

eating around Century City

We're staying at the Holiday Inn Express on West Olympic Boulevard. Looking for good, reasonably-priced restaurants in the area to please a vegetarian, an omnivore, and an eight year old.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You might enjoy Bread Bar in the Century City Mall.

    1. Clementine across from the mall on Ensley would satisfy all your needs.

      1. I second BreadBar; Houston's in the CC Mall is also a good choice. Not sure if Pink Taco is too boisterous for an 8 year old, but at least he/she won't have to be quiet there, and they have a very decent menu for all palates.

        If you're feeling adventurous, head west on Pico a bit to Gyu-Kaku, a fun and tasty Japanese grill-your-own-food joint. Oh, and closer in there's also Kay and Dave's, a vegetarian-and-kids-friendly Mexican place on Pico near Beverly Glen.

        1. For breakfast or lunch try Clementine. They have good homemade soup, great salads, and the best cookies and scones. It's not easy to walk to but would be a five or ten minute cab ride away. Have a fun vacation!

          1. You must go to Clementine at least once, and you may end up there several times. The three salad combo is great because so many of the salads in the case are great. The tuna melt is one of the best. The soups are generally excellent. The desserts are superb -- no better cupcake, butterscotch brownie ridiculous, peanut butter cookie absurd.