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Feb 12, 2008 12:34 PM

Can you eat well for under $10?

I'm looking for good lunch/dinner deals in the Back Bay, South End, and Beacon Hill. Allston and Cambridge have a wealth of them, but in the yuppie havens they're harder to find. Any suggestions?

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  1. Sandwich night at Pops is a great deal. Monday nights only, and not under $10, but very close. Delicious sandwiches too.

    1. What do you mean by well? Big quantities or high quality food?

      big quantities sure, but high quality for $10 is not an option in this state.

      1. chinatown is a close enough walk and plenty of eats for under $10.

        1. In the South End and cheap (though you'll have stretch $10 at some of these):

          Mike's City Diner on Washington. Excellent diner fare, big portions, breakfast/lunch only. Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe on Columbus, with better atmosphere, smaller portions, and higher prices (closed Sunday)

          Columbus Cafe and the Delux Cafe for modestly-priced (by neighborhood standards) American food.

          House of Siam or Thai Village for decent Thai.

          Don Ricardo's for Peruvian, Brazilian, and Mexican food at nice prices (free parking out back -- get the notice from the restaurant to put in your windshield).

          Miami Cafe for good Dominican sandwiches and entrees (counter service).

          Morse Fish for excellent fried and broiled seafood.

          J.J. Foley's Cafe for very good, reasonably priced pub and Irish food.

          Pizza options, in my order of preference: Picco, The Dish, Mangia Pizza, South End Pizza. Good sandwich and salad options at Picco, too.

          Anchovies for basic but good Italian-American in a dive bar setting.

          Flour, South End Buttery, and Green Light for pastries, sandwiches and salads.

          Billy's Sub Shop for Greek-American diner breakfasts and lunches (decent gyro in pita).

          Giorgiana's for Greek, Italian, and American deli specialties (hot and cold). It has three little tables if you want to eat in.

          Pops and Coda will stretch your budget a bit but are good values.

          You could get a small plate or two for $10 at Toro, Sage, Union, Gaslight, The Butcher Shop, and Rocca. Ask for the bar/caffe menu, if they have one.

          $10 will get you lunch at Myers+Chang, but not dinner.

          El Triunfo for Salvadoran burritos and tacos (mainly takeout).

          1. I think they still do this...Masa was doing some sort of deal where tapas were $1.00 a piece. Between my friend and I, I think we did maybe 5 tapas total and drinks and it was super cheap. I know it's not exactly what you might wish to do for a dinner, but it's nice after work for a quick bite or to go w/ friends and catch up.

            I know it gets panned a lot, but Viga is a cheap lunch spot. They have good pizza, some pasta dishes are good, and sandwiches are good. It's by no means fancy or gourmet, but if you want to pay $5 for a tasty lunch, Viga is it.

            I think someone brought it up on the board can do well price-wise at many places by going off the appetizer menu. If you get a couple of apps, you usually spend less than an entree and can come away feeling satisfied. I know that it depends on which places you go, but a lot of places do have good app menus that you don't need to spend a fortune on.